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Tuesday, February 4, 2003 (#35)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      2/4/03   4:07 PM  william capua called inquiring about his order

woozle     2/4/03   4:16 PM  checking

woozle     2/4/03   4:17 PM  I think he was one I asked you to re-contact
                                  cuz the 2nd address he gave us still didn't
                                  match and had the same zip code as the 1st bad
                                  address... but let me double-check...

Bubba      2/4/03   4:17 PM  hobe sound

woozle     2/4/03   4:17 PM  that's the one

Bubba      2/4/03   4:17 PM  rt

woozle     2/4/03   4:18 PM  if he's absolutely sure that the PO box he
                                  gave is the card's billing address, then I'll
                                  need the bank name and phone # -- should be on
                                  the back of the card

woozle     2/4/03   4:18 PM  I have his shirt ready to ship as soon as we
                                  sort this out

Bubba      2/4/03   4:19 PM  I'll call him back and see if I can get Claire

woozle     2/4/03   4:19 PM  khull

Bubba      2/4/03   4:20 PM  tell me again the problem and then don't q me
                                  while I make the call so it doesnt scroll

woozle     2/4/03   4:22 PM  the billing address he gave us the 2nd time
                                  around (P.O. Box 407 / Hobe Sound, FL 33455)
                                  still doesn't match the card's billing address
                                  according to CardService. He should check his
                                  latest card statement (or bank statement, if
                                  it's a check card) and be completely sure
                                  that's the billing address. If it is, I'll
                                  need the issuing bank's name and phone number.

Bubba      2/4/03   4:27 PM  change the zip to 33475-8407 and see if it
                                  likes it

woozle     2/4/03   4:28 PM  the box # still is not it, but I'll take it if
                                  we can get the zip code right.

Bubba      2/4/03   4:28 PM  he read it off his last statement

woozle     2/4/03   4:29 PM  I've had one other case where someone very
                                  believably insisted that the address was
                                  correct -- and I accepted it, and we never
                                  heard of any problem with it... so it's

woozle     2/4/03   4:29 PM  (even tho the software said no go)

Bubba      2/4/03   4:30 PM  rt and he needs it by Sat. cuz he's going to a
                                  concert and this is his costume

woozle     2/4/03   4:30 PM  At this point, I'll probly just let him have
                                  it... did you get the bank name / phone just
                                  in case?

woozle     2/4/03   4:31 PM  Something about this one makes me suspicious,
                                  but I'm still willing to take the risk of
                                  losing $20 over the risk of alienating a

Bubba      2/4/03   4:31 PM  no but if I need to call him back I can

Bubba      2/4/03   4:31 PM  no I didn't get the bank info

Bubba      2/4/03   4:31 PM  yes about not alienating

woozle     2/4/03   4:32 PM  next time... whenever it goes into Round 3
                                  like this, get the bank info as a backup.

Bubba      2/4/03   4:32 PM  k

woozle     2/4/03   4:37 PM  The zip matches, and the zip+4 ends with the
                                  same 3 digits as the po box -- so I suspect
                                  some kind of data-entry error at the bank.
                                  Maybe they have it as po box 00407 or
                                  something like that.

woozle     2/4/03   4:39 PM  usps.com agrees that that would be the zip
                                  code for that po box

Bubba      2/4/03   4:51 PM  working on the BP soze I can get it to the PO
                                  before 6

Bubba      2/4/03   4:52 PM  go ahead and mail the packing slip

woozle     2/4/03   4:52 PM  k... send me stats when yugottem...

Bubba      2/4/03   4:52 PM  k