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Sunday, January 5, 2003 (#5)
Saturday Sunday Monday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     1/5/03   5:01 PM  back

woozle     1/5/03   5:02 PM  glad you caught that in time, hope it really
                                  was in time, and it looks like we called it
                                  right not trying to stop by Hull Rd this

Bubba      1/5/03   6:43 PM  caught what?

woozle     1/5/03   8:11 PM  the infection

Bubba      1/5/03   8:24 PM  oh rt

woozle     1/5/03   8:24 PM  Did you see that order for 4 series 9 bears?

Bubba      1/5/03   8:24 PM  gottem in a box

woozle     1/5/03   8:24 PM  cool. Will run card asap.

Bubba      1/5/03   8:24 PM  awaiting updated DB

woozle     1/5/03   8:24 PM  Zipping now.

Bubba      1/5/03   8:24 PM  kewl

Bubba      1/5/03   8:25 PM  have we paid suppliers for Christmas?

woozle     1/5/03   8:25 PM  the checks have gone out, but it hasn't been
                                  30 days yet.

woozle     1/5/03   8:25 PM  Nonetheless, my best mental calculations are
                                  that there's no problem.

Bubba      1/5/03   8:25 PM  kewl

woozle     1/5/03   8:25 PM  I have to add numbers up to see exactly what's
                                  left over.

Bubba      1/5/03   8:26 PM  k

Bubba      1/5/03   8:26 PM  but there's enought to order LB tomorrow rt?

woozle     1/5/03   8:27 PM  There should be -- but even if not, the order
                                  will be turned over long before the checks get

Bubba      1/5/03   8:27 PM  COD?

woozle     1/5/03   8:27 PM  COD HOLD 30, wasn't it?

woozle     1/5/03   8:27 PM  ZR was, and LB was...

Bubba      1/5/03   8:28 PM  just  for Christmas was the request

woozle     1/5/03   8:28 PM  I don't remember what we did with MT. Might
                                  have been HOLD 10

woozle     1/5/03   8:28 PM  Right, but in the meantime the HOLD $ is still
                                  in the bank.,

Bubba      1/5/03   8:28 PM  will have to see if we can set up the account
                                  like that permanently and sow we have a buffer
                                  is what you're saying. Paying for #2 before #1
                                  w/#1's money?

woozle     1/5/03   8:30 PM  We should apply for net terms w/ MT, LB at
                                  least... not _exactly_ paying A with B's
                                  money, but you could think of it that way I

Bubba      1/5/03   8:48 PM  then we could see which segment of the store
                                  drew what 3's

Bubba      1/5/03   8:48 PM  #'s

woozle     1/5/03   9:04 PM  internet being difficult...

Bubba      1/5/03   9:05 PM  gremblins

woozle     1/5/03   9:05 PM  missed what you said before #s

Bubba      1/5/03   9:06 PM  how about setting overture up in several
                                  different depts (accounts)?
                                  activating just the depts we want running

woozle     1/5/03   9:07 PM  we're getting enough sales rt now without
                                  spending on ads

Bubba      1/5/03   9:07 PM  enough?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:07 PM  it's not even really a trickle, more of an

woozle     1/5/03   9:07 PM  enough to keep me too busy keeping up

Bubba      1/5/03   9:08 PM  which is why splitting the operation was not
                                  my wish.  we went from being more than the sum
                                  of our parts to just our parts

woozle     1/5/03   9:14 PM  Couldn't function under old arrangement.

woozle     1/5/03   9:14 PM  One crisis after another.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:14 PM  you never really tried

woozle     1/5/03   9:14 PM  Don't get me mad.

woozle     1/5/03   9:14 PM  How would you feel if I said the same to you?

woozle     1/5/03   9:15 PM  I did nothing but try, for 5 years.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:15 PM  fuck getting mad

Bubba      1/5/03   9:15 PM  can we talk or not

woozle     1/5/03   9:15 PM  We can try.

woozle     1/5/03   9:15 PM  to talk.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:15 PM  then talk don't get mad

woozle     1/5/03   9:16 PM  ok, but don't say I didn't try.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:16 PM  there is no try

Bubba      1/5/03   9:16 PM  never said you didn't 

woozle     1/5/03   9:16 PM  "You never really tried", you said

Bubba      1/5/03   9:17 PM  I just thought we were gonna give it one year
                                  after the divorce working together and we
                                  "Never tried" that

woozle     1/5/03   9:17 PM  The circumstances became impossible.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:17 PM  Juliet knew of your going to NC before I did

woozle     1/5/03   9:18 PM  She knew it was a possibility. You knew it was
                                  a possibility.

woozle     1/5/03   9:18 PM  Also, she was paying me.

woozle     1/5/03   9:18 PM  I felt an obligation as an employee.

woozle     1/5/03   9:19 PM  As a partner, my obligations are less clear;
                                  to keep the business running, not terminate
                                  without warning. Sure.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:19 PM  we only did it for a month - 6 weeks and of
                                  course there would be a tweak it to satisfy
                                  all involved which we hadn't really gotten

woozle     1/5/03   9:19 PM  ?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:19 PM  you in Hull house

Bubba      1/5/03   9:20 PM  or the bigger house you told Lynne to look for
                                  and which she spend time looking for

woozle     1/5/03   9:20 PM  Me in Hull house became intolerable. I made
                                  attempts to contain the chaos, but it became
                                  obvious that nobody else was really interested
                                  in fixing it.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:20 PM  not true

woozle     1/5/03   9:20 PM  yes true

Bubba      1/5/03   9:21 PM  that would have to include me and I was not OK

woozle     1/5/03   9:21 PM  Nobody tried to enforce the cig butt rule.
                                  Nobody did anything about the garbage or the
                                  piles of junk in the back yard.

woozle     1/5/03   9:21 PM  I tried to enforce the cig butt rule, at

Bubba      1/5/03   9:21 PM  not true.  I took a minute to implement it and
                                  it has since been kept on top of fairly well

Bubba      1/5/03   9:22 PM  cig's are now policed by all smokers

woozle     1/5/03   9:22 PM  I always see cig butts in the driveway when
                                  I'm there.

woozle     1/5/03   9:22 PM  Has the gas bill been paid recently?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:22 PM  don't know

woozle     1/5/03   9:22 PM  The one that's in my name, that is?

woozle     1/5/03   9:23 PM  I can't deal with living in a place where you
                                  never know when a service is going to be
                                  terminated because someone hasn't paid the
                                  bill -- and didn't warn anyone there might be
                                  a problem.

woozle     1/5/03   9:23 PM  That's just one aspect I can't deal with.

woozle     1/5/03   9:23 PM  I can't deal with Lynne. That's another

Bubba      1/5/03   9:24 PM  and you agreed to pay $300/month for RH being
                                  in HR which is why I said not to worry about
                                  cable because $100/month of that was gonna go
                                  to it for all of us to have cable.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:25 PM  I'm sure that you two can work through
                                  anything as you both strive for rationality
                                  and communication

woozle     1/5/03   9:25 PM  Lynne kept at least that much for the month or
                                  two I was there.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:25 PM  kept?

woozle     1/5/03   9:25 PM  She still owes at least $800 or so, by my

woozle     1/5/03   9:26 PM  See the last spreadsheet I gave her/you, back
                                  in August or whenever.

woozle     1/5/03   9:26 PM  And that's not including the original $2k or
                                  $1200 or whatever it was from back in 1997.

woozle     1/5/03   9:26 PM  1997-9

Bubba      1/5/03   9:26 PM  are you not crediting any of the sales to me?

woozle     1/5/03   9:27 PM  I haven't figured out how the sales in the
                                  ensuing months have affected the balance

woozle     1/5/03   9:28 PM  If you want to figure it out, you have the
                                  same sales figures I do. The db is, I think,
                                  done uploading.

woozle     1/5/03   9:29 PM  Either that or it quit. I had to run it
                                  downstairs cuz it kept stalling up here.

woozle     1/5/03   9:29 PM  And while it was going, my messages were
                                  taking forever to go thru or not going thru at
                                  all. So I think it must be done.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:30 PM  had to go answer the door 
                                  we should start w/how much product we've
                                  bought subtract it from how much we've sold to
                                  see what the first big math looks like and
                                  then go into seperating other costs

woozle     1/5/03   9:30 PM  I didn't really want to get into this just
                                  before bedtime after driving all day, but I
                                  can do a quick approx

Bubba      1/5/03   9:30 PM  no that's not needed

Bubba      1/5/03   9:31 PM  just saying that if we break it into big to
                                  small chuncks

Bubba      1/5/03   9:31 PM  it might be easier for both of us.

woozle     1/5/03   9:31 PM  net gains for each month since July, from the
                                  Monthly Summary query:

Bubba      1/5/03   9:31 PM  I think that w/Flores selling and shirts
                                  flowing we could stand to make money this

woozle     1/5/03   9:32 PM  +1352.36

Bubba      1/5/03   9:32 PM  and I still want to do the software thing
                                  before it's outdated

Bubba      1/5/03   9:32 PM  are those #'s costs and deposits?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:32 PM  - = supplier
                                  + = CS deposit?

woozle     1/5/03   9:33 PM  net gain: +$1052.01

Bubba      1/5/03   9:33 PM  kewl

woozle     1/5/03   9:33 PM  each are customer payments less restock and
                                  shipping expenses, for the month

Bubba      1/5/03   9:33 PM  kewl

woozle     1/5/03   9:33 PM  yes, I think we could start to gain steadily
                                  this year. Cutting down on "dead" orders has

Bubba      1/5/03   9:34 PM  I'm not pissed or pissy so chilllllll

woozle     1/5/03   9:34 PM  Software: I started writing a distributable VB
                                  version of it last week

woozle     1/5/03   9:35 PM  Seemed like it could be immediately useful for
                                  a lot of things, e.g. I could write scripts to
                                  automatically figure out disbursements from
                                  sales and such

Bubba      1/5/03   9:35 PM  kewl kewl

woozle     1/5/03   9:35 PM  Much development remains, but it has been

Bubba      1/5/03   9:35 PM  that is delightful news ol chap

woozle     1/5/03   9:36 PM  well there you are. It just ticks me when you
                                  say I'm not trying, or I haven't tried.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:36 PM  I never mean it that way!!!

woozle     1/5/03   9:36 PM  I'm pulling freakin' rabbits out of hats on an
                                  assembly line basis, is what I'm doing...

woozle     1/5/03   9:36 PM  Ok, apolology accpected.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:37 PM  k

Bubba      1/5/03   9:37 PM  kewl

Bubba      1/5/03   9:38 PM  welcome home

woozle     1/5/03   9:38 PM  Just to emphasize another point -- it's
                                  impossible to do anything requiring as much
                                  concentration as software development when
                                  there's a new crisis every week. Up here there
                                  may be distractions, but they are generally
                                  _predictable_, _regular_ distractions. I can
                                  deal with them and not lose too much momentum.

woozle     1/5/03   9:39 PM  With the Crisis du Jour in Athens, it was a
                                  matter of "oh shit, now how am I going to buy
                                  gas so I can take this order to the PO?"

Bubba      1/5/03   9:39 PM  I'll not have to like it, just work around it.

woozle     1/5/03   9:39 PM  I guess so.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:41 PM  so much of our "Magic" were the spontaneous
                                  eruptions that would leave both of us jazzed
                                  and feeling energized anew about the project

woozle     1/5/03   9:41 PM  I don't know if that's an accurate description
                                  of how I felt

Bubba      1/5/03   9:41 PM  oh dude, come on now.  

woozle     1/5/03   9:41 PM  "eruptions" = disputes?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:42 PM  no creative

woozle     1/5/03   9:42 PM  Such as?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:43 PM  the Martin/Lewis thing that has gotten us to
                                  this point in the creation of the best damn
                                  web store on the freakin internet

woozle     1/5/03   9:44 PM  that's a longer-term process; it sounded like
                                  you were talking about specific moments of
                                  creative epiphany

Bubba      1/5/03   9:44 PM  spikes throughout the process

Bubba      1/5/03   9:45 PM  epiphanial out takes so to speak

woozle     1/5/03   9:45 PM  So you feel that we're not experiencing those
                                  spikes, and this has slowed or halted the
                                  longer-term process?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:45 PM  yes

Bubba      1/5/03   9:46 PM  Lynne plays "Remember" about 5-7 times a day
                                  on her computer

woozle     1/5/03   9:46 PM  That being an example of a spike, or being an
                                  example of missing the interaction?

Bubba      1/5/03   9:46 PM  the Lynne comment?

woozle     1/5/03   9:47 PM  right. (Or was it an unrelated comment?)

Bubba      1/5/03   9:48 PM  Y actually.  We don't jam with this
                                  geographical arrangement.  I was originally
                                  unrelated but triggered the previous

woozle     1/5/03   9:49 PM  This is true. But jamming isn't very
                                  satisfying, on an inner level, when you're
                                  completely stressed-out on that same inner

woozle     1/5/03   9:49 PM  (By which I mean me.)

Bubba      1/5/03   9:51 PM  bummer

woozle     1/5/03   9:52 PM  Hey, that's why we need to get our financial
                                  ducks in a row. So we're making money, so we
                                  can afford to take time for visits and

Bubba      1/5/03   9:52 PM  RT

woozle     1/5/03   9:53 PM  You can buy the Hull house and expand it as
                                  needed; we can expand up here or rent a place
                                  for musical stuff or whatever, and then the
                                  visits can happen more easily and more

woozle     1/5/03   9:54 PM  That's [ an example of ] why the money is
                                  important. Otherwise it's just numbers.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:54 PM  good thought

woozle     1/5/03   9:54 PM  Oh, and it helps to have it for keeping
                                  vehicles running, too.

woozle     1/5/03   9:54 PM  Mine is due for a timing belt replacement.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:55 PM  you gonna do it?

woozle     1/5/03   9:55 PM  When I have the cash. Until then, I'm only
                                  using it for short trips around town.

woozle     1/5/03   9:56 PM  It all depends on how much of my xmas money I
                                  get back from vbz.

woozle     1/5/03   9:56 PM  That's where the $500 came from for paying LB.

Bubba      1/5/03   9:57 PM  why would you not get it back?

woozle     1/5/03   9:57 PM  If there was a net loss, after operating

Bubba      1/5/03   9:57 PM  thot we made $1300+

Bubba      1/5/03   9:57 PM  leaving $800

Bubba      1/5/03   9:58 PM  for orders

woozle     1/5/03   9:59 PM  That's net for just the orders; there are
                                  hosting expenses, which should be minor. I'm
                                  not _anticipating_ a problem, but in these
                                  situations it just seems that there's always
                                  some extra set of expenses that creeps in and
                                  deletes the profits.

woozle     1/5/03   9:59 PM  I just won't be sure until I've added it all

Bubba      1/5/03   9:59 PM  rt

Bubba      1/5/03   9:59 PM  kmp

woozle     1/5/03   9:59 PM  y

Bubba      1/5/03   10:01 PM I'm gonna look at the info I have for the golf
                                  stuff so we can get that going

woozle     1/5/03   10:02 PM k

Bubba      1/5/03   10:02 PM do we have Elvis in the building?

woozle     1/5/03   10:02 PM On my back-burner is an app to let you enter
                                  items into the catalog in a user-friendly kind
                                  of way

woozle     1/5/03   10:02 PM Elvis? As in the shirts?

Bubba      1/5/03   10:02 PM schweet

Bubba      1/5/03   10:03 PM Yes, thank you vurrrrry much

Bubba      1/5/03   10:03 PM are E shirts available in the store?

woozle     1/5/03   10:03 PM We have his shirts in, yes -- all the rock
                                  shirts -- but they haven't been topicalized

woozle     1/5/03   10:03 PM I did some on that a few days ago and some
                                  more last night

woozle     1/5/03   10:04 PM (Just now added a "when needed" field to the
                                  Orders table to make it easier to flag urgent

Bubba      1/5/03   10:07 PM Do we offer gift wrapping for a fee?

woozle     1/5/03   10:08 PM not officially

woozle     1/5/03   10:08 PM too much trouble to keep up with right now

woozle     1/5/03   10:09 PM if we had dedicated shipping staff, we could
                                  offer it

woozle     1/5/03   10:09 PM but right now, we'd have to drop the service
                                  during heavy shipping times (e.g. xmas), which
                                  is of course when most people would want it

Bubba      1/5/03   10:10 PM rt but if we get the supplier to split the
                                  order so that the gift wrapping part came here
                                  part of the order came here, we'd pay a little
                                  more in shipping which would be split between
                                  the orders

Bubba      1/5/03   10:11 PM $8

woozle     1/5/03   10:11 PM I don't even want to think about the
                                  programming involved in keeping track of order

Bubba      1/5/03   10:13 PM we do split orders now

woozle     1/5/03   10:13 PM yes, but not heavy volume.

woozle     1/5/03   10:13 PM They're already a headache as is.

Bubba      1/5/03   10:13 PM gifts or split orders?

woozle     1/5/03   10:14 PM split orders

woozle     1/5/03   10:15 PM Mainly a problem cuz I have to do them by
                                  hand, and the issue of how to solve that gets
                                  into other issues (programming, mostly)

woozle     1/5/03   10:16 PM largely the issue of making it possible for
                                  you to enter your own shipping and inventory

Bubba      1/5/03   10:17 PM This is too deep for a having driven after who
                                  knows what kind of send off w/Livia and an
                                  almost heated discussion w/me individual when
                                  it's past the indivisuals bed time anyway.  

Bubba      1/5/03   10:17 PM individual

woozle     1/5/03   10:18 PM something like that

Bubba      1/5/03   10:19 PM and you say I don't understand you bubbie

woozle     1/5/03   10:20 PM if you understand the ripples, do you
                                  understand the stream? (And that's MISTER
                                  grasshopper to you...)

Bubba      1/5/03   10:21 PM Yeah he really missed her grass, Hopper.

woozle     1/5/03   10:23 PM Why do ya think they called him The Cane, I
                                  mean Kane...

Bubba      1/5/03   10:23 PM got any new hat designs?

woozle     1/5/03   10:24 PM Should be able to get back to that. Keep
                                  reminding me.

Bubba      1/5/03   10:24 PM Think 6" stripe diagonally across the hat from
                                  looking at it left to right

Bubba      1/5/03   10:25 PM only the stripe would be VBZ.NET

woozle     1/5/03   10:25 PM will consider

Bubba      1/5/03   10:26 PM just outline.  flat border w/3D letters
                                  matching the hat color

Bubba      1/5/03   10:26 PM border contrasting color

Bubba      1/5/03   10:26 PM even the flat stitching is raised a little

Bubba      1/5/03   10:27 PM stitch the whole hat and the letters would be
                                  not there like chiseled into rock

Bubba      1/5/03   10:27 PM textured hattage

woozle     1/5/03   10:27 PM <brain cells shutting down...>

Bubba      1/5/03   10:27 PM it still might only cost $3

Bubba      1/5/03   10:29 PM and this concludes our brodcast day

woozle     1/5/03   10:29 PM thought they'd never shut down...

woozle     1/5/03   10:29 PM tty tomorrow.

Bubba      1/5/03   10:30 PM rt o

Bubba      1/5/03   10:30 PM this is Walter Cronkite saying "What's that
                                  smell?" Good night

woozle     1/5/03   10:30 PM I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not.

Bubba      1/5/03   10:30 PM and I thank GOD every day for that.

woozle     1/5/03   10:31 PM night...

Bubba      1/5/03   10:31 PM sayonara