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Wednesday, January 1, 2003 (#1)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     1/1/03   12:01 AM happy 2003

Bubba      1/1/03   12:18 PM just got the 2 Anna eCards.  Too kewl.  A
                                  Thank you to Anna if you would please.

woozle     1/1/03   12:19 PM Anna grins and says she's glad you didn't ask
                                  me to give her a big sloppy hug (like her
                                  grandma did)

Bubba      1/1/03   12:20 PM Grandma's do that

Bubba      1/1/03   2:58 PM  just got an email from Maureen Burns (Thai
                                  Furniture) asking for an update on the store

Bubba      1/1/03   2:59 PM  she's just wondering really.  Not holding us
                                  to any task in her speaking

woozle     1/1/03   3:01 PM  you can tell her we've had one heck of a
                                  fall/winter just keeping up and that we're
                                  hoping to get to new projects in Jan or Feb

woozle     1/1/03   3:01 PM  (rephrase as appropriate)

Bubba      1/1/03   3:02 PM  rt

Bubba      1/1/03   3:02 PM  delayed, not denied

woozle     1/1/03   3:03 PM  korrekt

Bubba      1/1/03   3:16 PM  Adrian is such a Guru

Bubba      1/1/03   3:17 PM  he just handed me a picture he drew

Bubba      1/1/03   3:17 PM  a little squiggle and a dot

Bubba      1/1/03   3:18 PM  Yes, he experienced his Zen period early in

woozle     1/1/03   3:20 PM  That was Zen. This is now.

Bubba      1/1/03   3:20 PM  That was Zen This is Tao

woozle     1/1/03   3:20 PM  Hobe your doze gedds bedder.

Bubba      1/1/03   3:21 PM  mee dooo

Bubba      1/1/03   3:21 PM  There's a new cookie in my life.

Bubba      1/1/03   3:22 PM  and they make me think of your cooking

Bubba      1/1/03   3:22 PM  like they'd be good after some of your cooking

woozle     1/1/03   3:22 PM  I only cook one cookie on vbz.net

Bubba      1/1/03   3:23 PM  Carr's Ginger Lemon Cremes

Bubba      1/1/03   3:25 PM  Momma Kitty is draining well now

woozle     1/1/03   3:26 PM  Thanks to new KittyRooter Pro

Bubba      1/1/03   3:27 PM  KRP5000

Bubba      1/1/03   3:27 PM  and she won't leave me alone when I'm at my