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Saturday, December 28, 2002 (#362)
Friday Saturday Sunday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/28/02 9:11 AM  You sent the longsleeve St. Stephen.

Bubba      12/28/02 9:11 AM  was the only SS in the box

woozle     12/28/02 9:12 AM  Inventory disagrees... should have been 2
                                  Larges, one shortsl one long

woozle     12/28/02 9:12 AM  I guess we'll just send them this one at same

Bubba      12/28/02 9:12 AM  box #?

woozle     12/28/02 9:12 AM  N08

Bubba      12/28/02 9:13 AM  will chk

woozle     12/28/02 9:13 AM  xth

woozle     12/28/02 9:13 AM  I mean thx

Bubba      12/28/02 9:14 AM  and good morning to you too.  How's your head
                                  cold doing Bubba.  Oh a little better, thanks
                                  for asking Nick.

woozle     12/28/02 9:14 AM  Yes, eeyore.

Bubba      12/28/02 9:16 AM  ask S if she knows what a cat continually
                                  running to the litterbox, scratching a lot,
                                  getting in the box and attempting to do
                                  something and nothing happens which keeps them
                                  running to the box every 5-7 minutes means

woozle     12/28/02 9:16 AM  (Some Can, and Some Can't, is all I can say.
                                  Camaraderie. Small Talk.)

woozle     12/28/02 9:16 AM  checking...

Bubba      12/28/02 9:17 AM  ???  (Some Can, and Some Can't, is all I can
                                  say. Camaraderie. Small Talk.)

woozle     12/28/02 9:18 AM  (more Eeyore quoting)

woozle     12/28/02 9:18 AM  S says:
                                  Sandy (9:17 AM) : 
                                  oh noooooooo
                                  Sandy (9:17 AM) : 
                                  it means urinary tract is blocked... 
                                  Sandy (9:17 AM) : 
                                  Heath almost died of that... 
                                  Sandy (9:18 AM) : 
                                  happens more often w/males

Bubba      12/28/02 9:19 AM  can it be fixed and if Y then Vet or home

woozle     12/28/02 9:19 AM  Sandy (9:19 AM) : 
                                  or it may be a just infection.. either way,
                                  trip to vet... and usually ends up having to
                                  eat special diet or they die in excruciating
                                  pain from being poisoned by their own urine
                                  'cause they can't dump it

woozle     12/28/02 9:20 AM  I asked if it meant emergency room time, and
                                  she said if the cat screams when it's on the
                                  box, then yes

woozle     12/28/02 9:20 AM  Which cat?

Bubba      12/28/02 9:20 AM  not screaming yet.  just started yesterday

Bubba      12/28/02 9:20 AM  Momma

Bubba      12/28/02 9:22 AM  dogs to pen brb

woozle     12/28/02 9:22 AM  k

Bubba      12/28/02 9:24 AM  bk

woozle     12/28/02 9:25 AM  Deponent saieth further:
                                  Sandy (9:22 AM) : 
                                  if it is her, i'd guess it is just an urinary
                                  Sandy (9:22 AM) : 
                                  probly not emergency yet, esp if she isn't
                                  screaming in pain when she tries to go....
                                  Sandy (9:23 AM) : 
                                  it's also possible that she's got
                                  constipation.. which can be bad 'cause then it
                                  might be that (can't remember the name of it)
                                  large intestine thingy where it gets all
                                  blocked & kinked & is almost always fatal.. :(

Bubba      12/28/02 9:25 AM  calling vet now

woozle     12/28/02 9:25 AM  k

woozle     12/28/02 9:25 AM  S makes approving noises

Bubba      12/28/02 9:25 AM  did you ever put the money into my account at

woozle     12/28/02 9:26 AM  Haven't had time, but can do it today I think

Bubba      12/28/02 9:27 AM  hold on to that thought

Bubba      12/28/02 9:28 AM  may not need to.

Bubba      12/28/02 9:45 AM  10:30 vet appt

woozle     12/28/02 9:46 AM  (was off doing morning ablutions)

woozle     12/28/02 9:46 AM  Good-o

woozle     12/28/02 9:47 AM  Got time to take a look in N08 now?

woozle     12/28/02 9:48 AM  If I'm going to make any deposits today, I
                                  think it has to be before noonish when the
                                  bank closes... same for the PO

woozle     12/28/02 9:49 AM  12:30 for the PO, but I'll need time to make
                                  changes to the order either way -- either a
                                  msg saying we thought we had the shortsleeve
                                  but didn't, here's the longsleeve, or saying
                                  that we're shipping the shortsleeve separately

Bubba      12/28/02 9:58 AM  I'll check if I can after I get dressed for
                                  the vet trip.  Deposit can wait till Mon. if
                                  at all.  

woozle     12/28/02 9:58 AM  ok

woozle     12/28/02 9:58 AM  I'm going to send the pkg off with the
                                  longsleeve, then -- can't wait.

Bubba      12/28/02 9:59 AM  can't wait 10 minutes?

woozle     12/28/02 10:00 AM Only 10? Ok.

Bubba      12/28/02 10:18 AM got it

woozle     12/28/02 10:18 AM o u got it

Bubba      12/28/02 10:18 AM I gotta leave now

woozle     12/28/02 10:19 AM cool

woozle     12/28/02 10:19 AM If I update yr db, do you think you'll have
                                  time to ship it today?

Bubba      12/28/02 10:19 AM y

woozle     12/28/02 10:19 AM k. Will upload when ready. ttyl...

Bubba      12/28/02 10:19 AM k

woozle     12/28/02 10:47 AM now uploading data partition

woozle     12/28/02 10:48 AM I'm going out to the PO; the data should be
                                  done uploading by the time you get back --
                                  unless you already are

woozle     12/28/02 11:56 AM upload complete