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Friday, December 20, 2002 (#354)
Thursday Friday Saturday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/20/02 12:20 AM I don't suppose I could get you to do a mass
                                  mailing... you still in Awake Bubba mode, or
                                  is your day winding down?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:36 AM i'm up

Bubba      12/20/02 12:36 AM just got back from fixing a snack

woozle     12/20/02 12:36 AM k

woozle     12/20/02 12:37 AM Could you send out emails -- more or less
                                  equivalent to the last couple I sent -- to the
                                  following list of orders (or, rather, the
                                  customers thereof)?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:38 AM chkng email

woozle     12/20/02 12:39 AM The question in my mind rt now is how far back
                                  to go...

woozle     12/20/02 12:39 AM some of these LB orders go back to October;
                                  two are from Sept and Aug

woozle     12/20/02 12:40 AM maybe if you just take the most recent ones
                                  first and work your way back, and just stop
                                  whereever seems reasonable...

woozle     12/20/02 12:47 AM The list of orders: D5316 D5303 D5294 D5262
                                  D5256 D5238 D5230 D5225 D5213 D5207 D5161
                                  D5159 D5156 D5151 D5145 D5137 D5131 D5107
                                  D5104 D5080 D5066 D5054 D5049 D5018 D5012
                                  D5011 D4997 D4989 D4961 D4954 D4891 D4838
                                  D4764 D4738 D4729 D4727 D4722 D4641 D4601

woozle     12/20/02 12:48 AM Customize the message as needed to apply to
                                  what they ordered ("item" vs "items" and
                                  such... )

Bubba      12/20/02 12:48 AM it'd be easier to extract the emails, send one
                                  to me and bcc the rest

woozle     12/20/02 12:48 AM That will still take more time than I
                                  currently have consciousness remaining for
                                  this evening...

woozle     12/20/02 12:49 AM Those are only the LB orders; I suppose I
                                  should collect ZR orders too. Maybe this is a
                                  job for tomorrow.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:49 AM that's a lot of customization and going back
                                  and forth through emails

woozle     12/20/02 12:50 AM Hey, I just spent about 3 hours getting that
                                  list together.

woozle     12/20/02 12:50 AM Getting it together plus collecting all the
                                  emails I could find from each order to see if
                                  they said anything about wanting stuff at

woozle     12/20/02 12:50 AM (Will need that info later for doing the

woozle     12/20/02 12:51 AM Do what you can; cc orders@vbz.net so I can
                                  see what you've done, and I'll pick up from
                                  there tomorrow.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:51 AM k

woozle     12/20/02 12:52 AM nite

Bubba      12/20/02 12:52 AM nite

Bubba      12/20/02 9:58 AM  looks like D5289 is the only cancel

woozle     12/20/02 9:59 AM  Did you send emails?

woozle     12/20/02 9:59 AM  I assumed you hadn't cuz I didn't see anything
                                  from you

woozle     12/20/02 9:59 AM  Was getting ready to send mass emailing myself

Bubba      12/20/02 10:00 AM I cc'd you on all that I sent
                                  5257 30%
                                  5230 30%

woozle     12/20/02 10:00 AM have not received anything from you since last

Bubba      12/20/02 10:00 AM 5294 30%
                                  5396 authorizes us for next day air

woozle     12/20/02 10:01 AM so you didn't cc me

Bubba      12/20/02 10:01 AM did and 5280 30%

woozle     12/20/02 10:01 AM to nick@redhouse.com?

Bubba      12/20/02 10:02 AM N.@vbz.net

Bubba      12/20/02 10:03 AM I have you in my address book as N. and it
                                  just puts the @vbz.net in for me

Bubba      12/20/02 10:03 AM 5286 30%

woozle     12/20/02 10:03 AM N.@vbz.net gets forwarded to the catch-all. If
                                  you had left off the "." after N, it would
                                  have been forwarded to me directly

Bubba      12/20/02 10:03 AM going through my emails as we speak

woozle     12/20/02 10:04 AM hang on

woozle     12/20/02 10:04 AM I just managed to pull out the calculator so I
                                  could work out the 30%... but I guess what I
                                  need to do is go download my junk mail to get
                                  your messages. (If I were you, I would have
                                  cc:ed orders@vbz.net. That goes straight to
                                  both of us.)

Bubba      12/20/02 10:05 AM like I said I thought I had it set up to just
                                  be N.=n@vbz.net but it must drop the n and
                                  insert the N.

Bubba      12/20/02 10:07 AM White House to Propose System for Wide
                                  Monitoring of
                                  The Bush administration wants Internet service
                                  providers to
                                  help build a centralized system to enable
                                  monitoring and,
                                  potentially, surveillance of its users.

woozle     12/20/02 10:08 AM I can set up a redirect for that later, if you
                                  can't fix it... but for now, make sure to
                                  leave off the "." otherwise it goes into my
                                  "probably junk mail" account

Bubba      12/20/02 10:08 AM k

woozle     12/20/02 10:08 AM surveillance: ha. Can you say "everything
                                  encrypted if they do that", boys & girls?

Bubba      12/20/02 10:09 AM rt

woozle     12/20/02 10:09 AM downloading 300 msgs or so; might as well go
                                  out and do my errands now. Need envelopes for

Bubba      12/20/02 10:09 AM k

woozle     12/20/02 10:10 AM tty innabit.

Bubba      12/20/02 10:10 AM rt o

woozle     12/20/02 11:59 AM Have you had a chance to talk to LB about some
                                  kind of delay on payment?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:04 PM Jane is involved w/a piece of software? rt now
                                  (the last hour) and can't come to the phone so
                                  I left a message to call me

woozle     12/20/02 12:04 PM Jane @ LB?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:05 PM rt

Bubba      12/20/02 12:05 PM bookkeeping

woozle     12/20/02 12:05 PM k

Bubba      12/20/02 12:05 PM wkyp

woozle     12/20/02 12:06 PM struggling to figure out which of about 6
                                  Ultimate Panic Urgent things I should do first

Bubba      12/20/02 12:07 PM is there any processing that can happen whilst
                                  you do something else at the same time to
                                  utilize both computers at once? 

Bubba      12/20/02 12:07 PM or are these physical things

woozle     12/20/02 12:07 PM not that helps with deadlines

Bubba      12/20/02 12:08 PM oh

woozle     12/20/02 12:18 PM any way you can get a tracking # for the MT
                                  order so I'll have an idea of when to expect

Bubba      12/20/02 12:18 PM probably and thanks for asking

woozle     12/20/02 12:19 PM for asking instead of ordering?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:21 PM what are you saying? You meant it as an order
                                  and were just being nice?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:21 PM I meant thanks for checking up on my
                                  capacities and that is a task I can handle

Bubba      12/20/02 12:21 PM did you want me to?

woozle     12/20/02 12:21 PM Yes, please.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:22 PM ;-P

woozle     12/20/02 12:22 PM I meant it as a request for assistance to
                                  whatever extent you felt able to assist with
                                  my requests.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:23 PM hold on, I'll have to quit the sacrifice of
                                  this chicken and hope it's not too cold by
                                  time I get back.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:23 PM da bludd don runn to goood whin is colld mon

woozle     12/20/02 12:23 PM Well if you hadn't gone and killed it

woozle     12/20/02 12:24 PM ...it would still be warm when you got back to

Bubba      12/20/02 12:24 PM how'd I know you need me to call some one at
                                  the appointed hour of the act

woozle     12/20/02 12:24 PM Me, I'm having breakfast cereal for lunch at
                                  the moment. I may graduate to something else
                                  later on, but at the moment it looks unlikely.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:25 PM are they knocking on the door yet?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:26 PM http://atticasounds.com while you wait

woozle     12/20/02 12:26 PM not that I've seen

woozle     12/20/02 12:26 PM still going thru the 300 msgs in my Secondary
                                  Junk Mail folder

Bubba      12/20/02 12:26 PM this is a local Athens music thang

woozle     12/20/02 12:27 PM I see the fifty-leven msgs you sent out this
                                  morning... we apperneciateses it.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM and the # is

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM a REALLY pregnant paws

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM should be there in 5

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM 4

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM 3

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM 2

Bubba      12/20/02 12:28 PM 1

woozle     12/20/02 12:29 PM Re Lynne's idea -- I think that would be fine,
                                  if we had more time to interact with customers
                                  (design our initial offers, get responses) and
                                  enter the results into the DB so they affect
                                  the outcome... but there's just you and me,
                                  and I'm the only one with access to the DB for
                                  making data entry.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:29 PM KNOCK KNOCK, FedEX

woozle     12/20/02 12:29 PM so the # is fedex? Will check online...

Bubba      12/20/02 12:29 PM FedEx is more reliable at this time of year
                                  according to Brian @ MT

woozle     12/20/02 12:30 PM k

Bubba      12/20/02 12:30 PM we may wish to note that

woozle     12/20/02 12:31 PM says the # is invalid

Bubba      12/20/02 12:31 PM that's what she gave me and I read it back to
                                  her w/her saying yes

woozle     12/20/02 12:33 PM missed the last digit... works now

Bubba      12/20/02 12:33 PM ahhhhhhh soooooo

Bubba      12/20/02 12:34 PM are they knocking yet?

woozle     12/20/02 12:34 PM it's on the truck as of 9 am, but no ETA for
                                  delivery. Guess I could write a blank check...
                                  did she give you a final total?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:34 PM no, didn't ask.  hold on.

woozle     12/20/02 12:35 PM and I make it out to The Mountain, rt?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:36 PM rt, w/memo filled in w/"Hold 30" and Hold 30
                                  on the back in the amount of $537.17

woozle     12/20/02 12:37 PM got the memo/back instructions earlier,
                                  dunnit. Thanks for amt; filling in now.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:37 PM just a reminder

Bubba      12/20/02 12:38 PM I know how hectic your schedule can get, what
                                  w/planning to take over the world and all.

woozle     12/20/02 12:38 PM right, Pinky.

Bubba      12/20/02 12:39 PM I was thinking Dr. No

Bubba      12/20/02 12:40 PM I was Bonding

woozle     12/20/02 12:40 PM ok, I think we're gonna sneak out and get some
                                  lunch, just 'cuz otherwise I'll be snapping at
                                  everyone. (And we wouldn't want That to
                                  happen, would we Mr. Bond?)

Bubba      12/20/02 12:41 PM Jaws was in a different movie ol' boy

woozle     12/20/02 12:41 PM silver streak, wasn't it?

Bubba      12/20/02 12:41 PM Keep your tounge out of the way while you eat

Bubba      12/20/02 12:41 PM Moonraker

woozle     12/20/02 12:41 PM The Spy Who Tried To Bite Me

Bubba      12/20/02 12:42 PM unless it goes good w/what else you get to eat

woozle     12/20/02 12:42 PM rt

woozle     12/20/02 12:42 PM bkkinabit

Bubba      12/20/02 12:42 PM ttiab

Bubba      12/20/02 12:44 PM ttyiab acts you alley

Bubba      12/20/02 12:48 PM u there? jane is on the phone

woozle     12/20/02 2:43 PM  MT box is here

Bubba      12/20/02 2:43 PM  k

Bubba      12/20/02 3:00 PM  did you listen to your message I left you
                                  about LB

woozle     12/20/02 3:00 PM  phone message?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:01 PM  y

woozle     12/20/02 3:01 PM  not yet

Bubba      12/20/02 3:01 PM  LB needs $500 w/the rest being a CO. chk Hold

Bubba      12/20/02 3:01 PM  company check

woozle     12/20/02 3:01 PM  I think I can swing that

woozle     12/20/02 3:01 PM  for delivery when?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:02 PM  out today here tomorrow

Bubba      12/20/02 3:02 PM  have to let them know by 4

woozle     12/20/02 3:02 PM  gopher it... I'll need the grand total.

Bubba      12/20/02 3:02 PM  which card?

woozle     12/20/02 3:02 PM  Can they take the $500 as COD?

woozle     12/20/02 3:03 PM  With a company check?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:03 PM  cash and a check for the diff?

woozle     12/20/02 3:03 PM  Or would they need cashier's check?

woozle     12/20/02 3:03 PM  I was thinking check for $500 cashable
                                  immediately + another check hold 30

Bubba      12/20/02 3:03 PM  2 checks one good now and one for hold 30
                                  should be OK

Bubba      12/20/02 3:03 PM  rt

woozle     12/20/02 3:03 PM  But if they need cash or prepay... when would
                                  it debit?

woozle     12/20/02 3:04 PM  2 checks would be best

Bubba      12/20/02 3:04 PM  calling

Bubba      12/20/02 3:08 PM  cashiers check for $500 would make them feel a
                                  little more at ease or else they'd just hold
                                  the whole thing

woozle     12/20/02 3:08 PM  if they were to debit, when would the debit

woozle     12/20/02 3:08 PM  (credit card)

Bubba      12/20/02 3:08 PM  Jane also wants you to fax credit info so they
                                  can set us up w/most any terms we need.

woozle     12/20/02 3:09 PM  Been meaning to do that... probly January

Bubba      12/20/02 3:09 PM  we have enough to use the ST card is what
                                  you're saying?

woozle     12/20/02 3:09 PM  Not ST, cuz I need to make a deposit

woozle     12/20/02 3:09 PM  BBT

Bubba      12/20/02 3:09 PM  do I have that #?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:09 PM  looking

woozle     12/20/02 3:09 PM  But the cash isn't there yet, so I'm wondering
                                  if I have to do it today or if it can wait
                                  till monday

Bubba      12/20/02 3:10 PM  they'd need it when they deliver

woozle     12/20/02 3:10 PM  ends in 8467

woozle     12/20/02 3:10 PM  they'd take cc on delivery?

woozle     12/20/02 3:11 PM  credit card, not cashier's check

Bubba      12/20/02 3:11 PM  does FedEx do that?

woozle     12/20/02 3:11 PM  I didn't think they did, which is why I was
                                  asking when the debit would happen if we used
                                  credit card

woozle     12/20/02 3:12 PM  so I know if I need to make the deposit today
                                  or if it can wait until monday a.m.

Bubba      12/20/02 3:12 PM  they'll probably debit today

woozle     12/20/02 3:12 PM  I suppose she could try the debit now -- it
                                  might go thru, and I'll cover for it on monday
                                  and eat the NSF

Bubba      12/20/02 3:13 PM  S's Amex and cover her Mon?

woozle     12/20/02 3:13 PM  It's after 2 so I don't know if a deposit I
                                  made now would take effect or not

woozle     12/20/02 3:13 PM  Do you have S's Amex #?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:13 PM  y

woozle     12/20/02 3:13 PM  I don't actually know if it has sufficient
                                  credit; she's out picking up kids

Bubba      12/20/02 3:13 PM  is a green Amex?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:14 PM  or gold?

woozle     12/20/02 3:14 PM  Blue with a microchip

woozle     12/20/02 3:14 PM  Can Jane try the debit now and get back to us
                                  if it fails?

woozle     12/20/02 3:14 PM  (for $500)

woozle     12/20/02 3:14 PM  And if so, I should probably go now and make
                                  the deposit, just to minimize the chance of

Bubba      12/20/02 3:14 PM  probably.  calling

Bubba      12/20/02 3:15 PM  rt

woozle     12/20/02 3:15 PM  shall I go now and do that?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:16 PM  send me the # one section at a time

woozle     12/20/02 3:17 PM  of BB&T? k...

Bubba      12/20/02 3:17 PM  BB&T

woozle     12/20/02 3:17 PM  you got the last 4 earlier?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:17 PM  rt

woozle     12/20/02 3:17 PM  1st 4: 4036

woozle     12/20/02 3:17 PM  2nd: 2301

woozle     12/20/02 3:18 PM  3rd 0027

woozle     12/20/02 3:18 PM  x1105

woozle     12/20/02 3:18 PM  billing address 122 Pinecrest Rd. / Durham, NC

Bubba      12/20/02 3:18 PM  name on card

woozle     12/20/02 3:18 PM  name on card:
                                  Nick Staddon
                                  Red House vbz.net

woozle     12/20/02 3:27 PM  still conversing? debit attempt in progress?

woozle     12/20/02 3:30 PM  gonna go pull some stock, brb

woozle     12/20/02 3:32 PM  bk

Bubba      12/20/02 3:36 PM  card declined so it a cashiers check or Postal
                                  Money order

woozle     12/20/02 3:37 PM  ok

Bubba      12/20/02 3:37 PM  for $500 and company check hold 30 for the

woozle     12/20/02 3:37 PM  COD $500 cash + company check for remainder

woozle     12/20/02 3:37 PM  can we get the total before end of day?

Bubba      12/20/02 3:38 PM  they're gonna email it to me

woozle     12/20/02 3:38 PM  k... thinking about it, I don't know if I can
                                  get cash.

woozle     12/20/02 3:38 PM  I just deposited something today, but it
                                  hasn't affected the balance online yet

woozle     12/20/02 3:39 PM  may just have to refuse the pkg on Sat. and
                                  get the cash mon or tue

woozle     12/20/02 3:39 PM  (not refuse, request redelivery I mean)

Bubba      12/20/02 3:39 PM  work it as you can 

woozle     12/20/02 3:40 PM  rt

woozle     12/20/02 3:40 PM  will see if my deposit comes thru tonight, tho
                                  I wouldn't expect it to.

woozle     12/20/02 3:41 PM  Wondering if we should cut back on the
                                  shipping expense of overnight (to here) since
                                  we'll probably not be able to receive it
                                  before mon or tues

Bubba      12/20/02 3:43 PM  too late unless we want to screw ourselves

woozle     12/20/02 3:43 PM  k

Bubba      12/20/02 3:49 PM  gonna go do my loft thing

woozle     12/20/02 3:49 PM  k, hav phun

Bubba      12/20/02 3:49 PM  LB total 1173.29

woozle     12/20/02 3:49 PM  got it

woozle     12/20/02 3:54 PM  Pls pull tonight if possible:
                                  2002-N06 < Top of Piano
                                      MT-MJ-64-L Pegasus (Large T-shirt)
                                  2002-GDB01 < Top of Piano

woozle     12/20/02 3:54 PM  I wasn't finished... sending revised list when
                                  it's done...

Bubba      12/20/02 3:56 PM  k

woozle     12/20/02 3:56 PM  Pls pull tonight if possible:
                                  2002-N06 < Top of Piano
                                      MT-MJ-64-L Pegasus (Large T-shirt)
                                  2002-N08 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-11575-L/TD St. Stephen (Large - tie-dye
                                  2002-HAT01 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-00256 GD Bolt - navy (Cap)
                                  2002-GDB01 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-66081 Frosted (GD Bean Bear)

woozle     12/20/02 3:56 PM  let me know when pulled and I will assemble

Bubba      12/20/02 3:57 PM  k

woozle     12/20/02 3:57 PM  more, just noticed I was starting in the

woozle     12/20/02 3:59 PM  MT01 < Trailer 3
                                      ZR-MILES-1605-M Corner shirt (Medium
                                  2002-N01 < Trailer 3
                                      ZR-JIMI-1401-M Swirl (Medium T-shirt)
                                  2002-N06 < Top of Piano
                                      MT-MJ-64-L Pegasus (Large T-shirt)
                                  2002-N08 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-11575-L/TD St. Stephen (Large - tie-dye
                                  2002-HAT01 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-00256 GD Bolt - navy (Cap)
                                  2002-GDB01 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-66081 Frosted (GD Bean Bear)
                                  That should be the whole list...

woozle     12/20/02 8:48 PM  Would you be so kind as to compile a list of
                                  those who would like 30% discounts for late
                                  portions, those who need everything on the
                                  24th or cancel my order, and those who have
                                  not responded to hails? That would save me
                                  some time while I'm processing this bunch.

Bubba      12/20/02 8:48 PM  k

woozle     12/20/02 8:49 PM  (by order # would be best)

Bubba      12/20/02 8:49 PM  as best I can

woozle     12/20/02 8:50 PM  k

woozle     12/20/02 8:53 PM  were the 2 Zebras on Masi Mara for last-minute
                                  orders that weren't in the list I sent?

Bubba      12/20/02 8:54 PM  was the add on

Bubba      12/20/02 8:54 PM  guess it didn't make it

woozle     12/20/02 8:54 PM  they're both in the box

Bubba      12/20/02 8:54 PM  childs rt?

woozle     12/20/02 8:54 PM  y

Bubba      12/20/02 8:54 PM  well then there you go

woozle     12/20/02 8:55 PM  I was just wondering why they were here;
                                  addition by you for last-minute orders seemed

Bubba      12/20/02 8:55 PM  so is good, no?

woozle     12/20/02 8:56 PM  Looks that way

Bubba      12/20/02 8:56 PM  are they kids shirts?

woozle     12/20/02 8:56 PM  Hopefully for every customer we tick off for
                                  being late, we'll impress someone else for
                                  being so fast... ha...

woozle     12/20/02 8:56 PM  y, kids

Bubba      12/20/02 8:56 PM  rt o

woozle     12/20/02 9:57 PM  I don't see an order for the 2nd Zebras
                                  shirt... did you mean to order 2?

Bubba      12/20/02 9:58 PM  thot I just ordered one

woozle     12/20/02 9:58 PM  there were 2

Bubba      12/20/02 9:58 PM  k

Bubba      12/20/02 9:59 PM  not seeing my note for the add on

woozle     12/20/02 10:00 PM could be a verbal comm error?

Bubba      12/20/02 10:01 PM true

Bubba      12/20/02 10:03 PM just gonna fire off the orders accepting 30%
                                  off for after Christmas

woozle     12/20/02 10:04 PM k, thx

Bubba      12/20/02 10:04 PM All D____

Bubba      12/20/02 10:04 PM 5242

woozle     12/20/02 10:04 PM can u put in one list, maybe in an email?

woozle     12/20/02 10:05 PM And check if the thing insists on putting a
                                  "." after N -- I can go in and make an alias
                                  for that so it will go to my priority acct

Bubba      12/20/02 10:05 PM k

woozle     12/20/02 11:04 PM Did we ever hear back from Miranda Marcel
                                  about her address mismatch?

Bubba      12/20/02 11:07 PM n

woozle     12/20/02 11:08 PM k... gonna hold her stuff for now.

Bubba      12/20/02 11:10 PM k