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Thursday, December 19, 2002 (#353)
Wednesday Thursday Friday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      12/19/02 12:00 AM She initially emailed me and asked if they
                                  were in stock I was checking on them and she
                                  said she'd place the order if we could get
                                  them to her and I said probably by Christmas
                                  and then she didn't order

woozle     12/19/02 12:01 AM Ok... well, since no deposit, no loss if she
                                  declines or doesn't answer...

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 AM rt.  I may go ahead and get them just to keep
                                  up relations w/Flores

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 AM think our cost is 12 per

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 AM I'll call Flores w/the other shipping info and
                                  tell them to hurry

woozle     12/19/02 12:03 AM sounds good. Once we know the pieces are en
                                  route (get tracking #s if poss), we can debit
                                  those ccards for real -- which would be a real
                                  help about now.

Bubba      12/19/02 12:04 AM rt and they're 2 hours behind us so it won't
                                  be early our time

woozle     12/19/02 12:04 AM k

Bubba      12/19/02 12:05 AM George is working on the yellow benz and needs
                                  fuel, so I'm gonna go get some so he can maybe
                                  get it running when it gets back

Bubba      12/19/02 12:05 AM I'm shocked that you're still awake so I
                                  hadn't planned on talking to you

woozle     12/19/02 12:06 AM more stuff to locate is in email on its way 2

Bubba      12/19/02 12:06 AM I should only be gone for about 20min

woozle     12/19/02 12:06 AM Up late cuz Mel needed a ride back from LotR
                                  11 pm showing... heh...

woozle     12/19/02 12:06 AM but I'm pretty blasted...working verrryy

woozle     12/19/02 12:06 AM ttyl

Bubba      12/19/02 12:06 AM so you're up for a bit

woozle     12/19/02 12:06 AM will be picking him up at 1:45

woozle     12/19/02 12:07 AM may take a nap between now & then

Bubba      12/19/02 12:07 AM rt so I'll be bk in a min

woozle     12/19/02 12:07 AM k

Bubba      12/19/02 12:59 AM bk

woozle     12/19/02 8:18 AM  invalid card # (probably a typo):
                                  Erin McGrath
                                  716 446 0450, no email
                                  Visa -1477 (01/05)
                                  LB-01011 Turtle with Bears (Lamp)
                                  Total $33.40
                                  Can you call? Can you check and see if that's
                                  one of the lamps we have left? I guess I'll
                                  include her even if we can't get the # in

Bubba      12/19/02 8:19 AM  Turtle w/bears is not available.  We looked
                                  for it when you were down last time

woozle     12/19/02 8:21 AM  meaning we don't have it, not that it's n/a
                                  from LB, rt?

Bubba      12/19/02 8:22 AM  rt, we had one and shipped it and so we have
                                  no more here

woozle     12/19/02 8:22 AM  k

Bubba      12/19/02 8:22 AM  oh and GM

woozle     12/19/02 8:22 AM  Wouldn't be terrible to have one in stock, I

Bubba      12/19/02 8:22 AM  nope

Bubba      12/19/02 8:22 AM  so we have 2 lamps this order

woozle     12/19/02 8:22 AM  Gotta go, back in an hour... got about half
                                  the cards for LB + ZR entered in.

Bubba      12/19/02 8:23 AM  k

woozle     12/19/02 9:36 AM  another invalid #...

woozle     12/19/02 9:37 AM  no phone, unfortch; we've exchanged emails, so
                                  I guess I'll email her.

woozle     12/19/02 10:01 AM declined card
                                  Ayla Olson
                                  "206-261-1190 msg" is what she typed for phone
                                  LB-31719-2X/BLK Skull Berries (2x eXtra Large
                                  - black T-shirt)
                                  LB-31723-2X/BLK Miss Muffett (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)
                                  Total $39.30
                                  This one I'm not going to include unless we
                                  can get in touch with her and get a fixed cc#,

woozle     12/19/02 10:04 AM oh, and her card was Visa -1309 x0404

woozle     12/19/02 10:06 AM another declined:
                                  Chad.A.K (I have his full name somewhere, cuz
                                  he sent email)
                                  (858)755 5341
                                  MC -2205 x05/03
                                  Total $47.64
                                  LB-31708-1X/BLK Medusa (eXtra Large - black

woozle     12/19/02 10:41 AM another declined
                                  D5040 Vicki Jessie
                                  Visa -8356 (02/04)
                                  vj013@aol.com - no phone (her loss...)
                                  let me know if you can't find the order for
                                  any other info you might need

woozle     12/19/02 10:55 AM Address no match:
                                  D4858 Larry Crittenden
                                  Amex -003 (03/05)
                                  LB-11591-L/TD Cal State (Large - tie-dye
                                  total $27.17

woozle     12/19/02 11:14 AM any contacts yet? I'm ready to close the
                                  batch... (gonna check my email for any
                                  last-minute responses)

Bubba      12/19/02 11:15 AM calling

woozle     12/19/02 11:15 AM k

woozle     12/19/02 11:17 AM no relevant msgs here... how are you doing on
                                  the list?

Bubba      12/19/02 11:20 AM on phone

woozle     12/19/02 11:20 AM kmp

Bubba      12/19/02 11:40 AM Erin Mc Grath 4117

Bubba      12/19/02 11:40 AM 7900

Bubba      12/19/02 11:40 AM 0000

Bubba      12/19/02 11:40 AM 1477

woozle     12/19/02 11:40 AM moment...

woozle     12/19/02 11:45 AM McGrath: card good

woozle     12/19/02 11:50 AM any others? Or have you left messages with

woozle     12/19/02 11:58 AM what time are ZR's and LB's deadlines to get
                                  stuff shipped today?

Bubba      12/19/02 11:58 AM declined card
                                  Ayla Olson
                                  "206-261-1190 msg" is what she typed for phone
                                  LB-31719-2X/BLK Skull Berries (2x eXtra Large
                                  - black T-shirt)
                                  LB-31723-2X/BLK Miss Muffett (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)
                                  Total $39.30
                                  Visa -1309 x0404
                                  This one I'm not going to include unless we
                                  can get in touch with her and get a fixed cc#,
                                  Left message to have them call me
                                  another declined:
                                  Chad.A.K (I have his full name somewhere, cuz
                                  he sent email)
                                  (858)755 5341
                                  MC -2205 x05/03
                                  Total $47.64
                                  LB-31708-1X/BLK Medusa (eXtra Large - black
                                  The number rings to 5304 even though I dial
                                  Address no match:
                                  D4858 Larry Crittenden
                                  Amex -003 (03/05)
                                  LB-11591-L/TD Cal State (Large - tie-dye
                                  total $27.17
                                  change shipping to billing address.  says he
                                  sent email telling you to do that

woozle     12/19/02 11:58 AM checking

Bubba      12/19/02 11:58 AM don't know

woozle     12/19/02 11:59 AM we should probably stop calling customers and
                                  start calling in restock orders

Bubba      12/19/02 11:59 AM k

Bubba      12/19/02 11:59 AM didn't have a ph# for the other one

woozle     12/19/02 11:59 AM I see no email from Crittenden nor do I have a
                                  folder for his order

woozle     12/19/02 12:00 PM changing addresses

Bubba      12/19/02 12:00 PM k

woozle     12/19/02 12:00 PM Correction -- I have two emails from
                                  crittenden, but they're both of the "where is
                                  it" variety

Bubba      12/19/02 12:00 PM k

woozle     12/19/02 12:01 PM "change shipping to billing address" -- means
                                  use the shipping address as the billing

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 PM B as S

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 PM son is gonna be home

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 PM as a birthday gift originally

Bubba      12/19/02 12:02 PM was ordered as a BDG

woozle     12/19/02 12:02 PM but that doesn't fix the credit card problem

Bubba      12/19/02 12:03 PM was an address mismatch rt

woozle     12/19/02 12:03 PM and billing address and shipping address are
                                  already same -- 1422 Dearing Place
                                  Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

woozle     12/19/02 12:03 PM the address mismatch was on the billing

Bubba      12/19/02 12:03 PM should be 90 something

woozle     12/19/02 12:04 PM (they always are on the billing address)

woozle     12/19/02 12:04 PM I have no other addresses for him

Bubba      12/19/02 12:04 PM will call him back

woozle     12/19/02 12:04 PM k

Bubba      12/19/02 12:07 PM 906 Cypress Mill Rd.
                                  Florence, AL35630

woozle     12/19/02 12:07 PM entering that as billing and shipping

Bubba      12/19/02 12:07 PM y

woozle     12/19/02 12:08 PM entered; testing...

woozle     12/19/02 12:09 PM matched. Tanqu...

Bubba      12/19/02 12:10 PM kewl

woozle     12/19/02 12:10 PM ok, so let me get you The List and then we'll
                                  tackle how to pay for this stuff.

Bubba      12/19/02 12:11 PM well we freed up some cash w/the hold 30 thing

woozle     12/19/02 12:12 PM yes, but it won't be there in time to pay for
                                  orders which have to go out today

Bubba      12/19/02 12:12 PM ?

woozle     12/19/02 12:13 PM why "?"?

woozle     12/19/02 12:13 PM ZR and LB both have to go out today or we're
                                  going to miss a lot of xmasses

Bubba      12/19/02 12:13 PM rt

Bubba      12/19/02 12:14 PM I'm just saying that if we don't have to have
                                  the MT cash gone for 30 days then it's in the
                                  account to pay for the ZR and LB or at least a
                                  big chunk of the total

woozle     12/19/02 12:15 PM That will only help if they don't make us pay
                                  in advance...

woozle     12/19/02 12:15 PM We've got about $200 in the acct

Bubba      12/19/02 12:15 PM oh

Bubba      12/19/02 12:15 PM then how were we gonna pay for a $450 MT

woozle     12/19/02 12:16 PM when the cc deposits come in, of course

woozle     12/19/02 12:16 PM Even if I had already run the cards, the $
                                  still wouldn't be there for another 3-5 days

Bubba      12/19/02 12:16 PM rt

Bubba      12/19/02 12:17 PM did you add the newest LB order to the list?

Bubba      12/19/02 12:18 PM D5364 - 31795 XX

woozle     12/19/02 12:18 PM I'm not adding anything that came in after I
                                  posted the "deadline has passed" msg yesterday

Bubba      12/19/02 12:18 PM why not?

Bubba      12/19/02 12:19 PM since we haven't placed the order

Bubba      12/19/02 12:19 PM think it's only one or two

woozle     12/19/02 12:19 PM because it's a crunch as it is; don't have
                                  time to open another batch, run another card,
                                  etc etc. etc

Bubba      12/19/02 12:21 PM whatever

woozle     12/19/02 12:34 PM Ok, Liquid Blue -- here it comes...

woozle     12/19/02 12:34 PM LB-00275 GD Car Emblem / Keychain - gold
                                  chrome (Keychain)	1			
                                  LB-00298 SYF Sun - stone (Cap)	1			
                                  LB-01011 Turtle with Bears (Lamp)	2			
                                  LB-01015 Banker (Lamp)	1			
                                  LB-01701 ICC cap - red (Cap)	1			
                                  LB-11146-1X/TD Turtle Beach (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11344-2X/TD 30th Anniversary (2x eXtra
                                  Large - tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11344-L/TD 30th Anniversary (Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	2			
                                  LB-11381-M/TD Summer Tour Bus (Medium -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11423-2X/TD White-Tailed Deer (2x eXtra
                                  Large - tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11424-YL/TD Wolf Moon (Youth Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1		11424Y	
                                  LB-11425-L/TD American Eagle (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11436-L/TD Winter Wolf (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11444-1X/TD Airborne Marlin (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11469-2X/TD Bow Riders (2x eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11474-L/TD Mountain Majesty (Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11479-1X/TD Nesting Call (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11500-2X/TD Watchtower (2x eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11501-2X/TD Terrapin Moon (2x eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	2			
                                  LB-11501-L/TD Terrapin Moon (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11501-M/TD Terrapin Moon (Medium - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11502-2X/TD Celtic Mandala (2x eXtra Large
                                  - tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11530-1X/TD Dead Golf (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11531-TLS/1X/TD Ski Bear (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye Longsleeve T-shirt)	1		12531	
                                  LB-11556-L/TD China Rider (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11572-1X/WH Liquid Steal Your Face (eXtra
                                  Large - white T-shirt)	1		21572	
                                  LB-11575-2X/TD St. Stephen (2x eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11577-2X/TD Beach Bears (2x eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11580-L/TD Queen of Spades (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11581-1X/TD Banjo (eXtra Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11581-L/TD Banjo (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11582-1X/TD Chinese New Year (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11584-1X/TD Rusty Blue (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11586-1X/TD Big Top (eXtra Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11591-L/TD Cal State (Large - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11777-2X/TD Mushroom Garden (2x eXtra Large
                                  - tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11817-M/TD Swansong (Medium - tie-dye
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11819-L/TD Houses of the Holy (Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-11G05-2X Mulligan's Bar & Grille (2x eXtra
                                  Large T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31112-2X/BLK Arctic Wolf (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31127-L/BLK Constellation (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31153-1X/BLK Indian Bear (eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31178-L/BLK Tribal Lion (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31179-1X/TD Tribal Wolf (eXtra Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31703-2X/BLK Dragon Duel (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31704-2X/BLK Dragon (2x eXtra Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31704-L/BLK Dragon (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31717-M/BLK The Silent Quintet (Medium -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31718-M/BLK Moon Dog (Medium - black
                                  T-shirt)	2			
                                  LB-31723-TLS/L/BLK Miss Muffett (Large - black
                                  Longsleeve T-shirt)	1		32723	
                                  LB-31727-2X/BLK Serpent Master (2x eXtra Large
                                  - black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31731-2X/BLK High Sorcery (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31732-2X/BLK Dragon Catcher (2x eXtra Large
                                  - black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31748-L/BLK Pegasus (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31776-2X/BLK Great Wyrm (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31789-TLS/L/BLK Viper Cross (Large - black
                                  Longsleeve T-shirt)	1		32789	
                                  LB-31793-L/BLK Hellrider (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	3			
                                  LB-31795-L/BLK Incinerator (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31796-L/BLK Union Pride (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31797-2X/BLK Dixie Pride (2x eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-31797-L/BLK Dixie Pride (Large - black
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-41781-L El Diablo (Large T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-61300-1X Skull & Roses Band - wedgwood
                                  color (eXtra Large T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-61301-1X Bolt Band - silver (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-61380-L Cornell Road Crew (Large
                                  T-shirt)	1			
                                  LB-87011-PRO Grateful Dead: China Rider (proof
                                  Art Print)	2		87012	

woozle     12/19/02 12:35 PM Would you like that in a spreadsheet?

woozle     12/19/02 12:36 PM (This order list is assuming you were able to
                                  find everything I currently show as stock,
                                  which is why I hope you've already gone and
                                  looked for the stuff...)

Bubba      12/19/02 12:41 PM bk and spreadsheet good

woozle     12/19/02 12:41 PM emailing you spreadsheet for LB & ZR

Bubba      12/19/02 12:41 PM k

woozle     12/19/02 12:43 PM Is on its way... Do your best and let me know
                                  if any items are unavailable, any totals you
                                  get -- and most importantly, what payment
                                  arrangements we are able to make. I have to go
                                  out for an hour or two, which may run into kid
                                  pickup time but I will try to stop back before

woozle     12/19/02 12:43 PM Did you get those 2 additional MT items added?

Bubba      12/19/02 12:43 PM k and will pull all I can

Bubba      12/19/02 12:44 PM Y but don't know if they got added.  They're
                                  gonna call if not

woozle     12/19/02 12:44 PM ok, that's the best we can do.

woozle     12/19/02 12:44 PM under the circus dances.

woozle     12/19/02 12:44 PM tty later

Bubba      12/19/02 12:44 PM rt

Bubba      12/19/02 12:45 PM k

woozle     12/19/02 2:53 PM  how r we doing? yr offline...

woozle     12/19/02 2:53 PM  now yr online

woozle     12/19/02 2:54 PM  just in case you were wondering

woozle     12/19/02 2:56 PM  dangit, stupid software didn't release
                                  crittenden's order when his card tested ok...
                                  I forgot it wouldn't do that..

woozle     12/19/02 2:56 PM  and icq is only showing one of the sentences I
                                  just typed...

woozle     12/19/02 2:56 PM  icq full. brb

Bubba      12/19/02 2:56 PM  k

woozle     12/19/02 2:57 PM  bk

woozle     12/19/02 2:57 PM  how r we doing on restocks?

Bubba      12/19/02 2:57 PM  we gotta throw thes last few shirts in the
                                  order and take our chances cuz you know
                                  they're desperate

woozle     12/19/02 2:57 PM  if you want to go ahead and add them, go
                                  ahead... and let me give you Crittenden's

woozle     12/19/02 2:58 PM  LB-11591-L/TD Cal State (Large - tie-dye

woozle     12/19/02 2:58 PM  just give me a list of what you add, so I can
                                  add it to what we're expecting

Bubba      12/19/02 2:58 PM  Adrian just got up from his nap so we can go
                                  do pulls now.  OK to adding list

woozle     12/19/02 2:59 PM  k

Bubba      12/19/02 3:01 PM  damn!, one of the is from Morrocco

Bubba      12/19/02 3:02 PM  $48.04

woozle     12/19/02 3:02 PM  well, everyone has seen the notice saying it's
                                  too late if you want it by xmas...

woozle     12/19/02 3:02 PM  were there any msgs?

woozle     12/19/02 3:02 PM  in the instructions, I mean

Bubba      12/19/02 3:02 PM  rt

woozle     12/19/02 3:02 PM  gotta go

Bubba      12/19/02 3:03 PM  k

woozle     12/19/02 3:03 PM  back 4-ish. Order what you can. Get extensions
                                  where you can, cuz ain't no $ to pay yet...
                                  the usual. ttyl

Bubba      12/19/02 3:03 PM  k

woozle     12/19/02 4:01 PM  got yr pkg

woozle     12/19/02 5:13 PM  so... LB? ZR? Please ignore the rising levels
                                  of anxiety you may be detecting; they are
                                  simply due to imminent nervous collapse and
                                  are perfectly harmless unless invoked.

Bubba      12/19/02 5:31 PM  added to:
                                  ZR BOB-1208-XX and BOB-4002 Contrast Stitch
                                  Hat - COD Hold 30 and note in Memo and on the
                                  back of the check
                                  LB 32795

woozle     12/19/02 5:32 PM  let me sort that out...

Bubba      12/19/02 5:32 PM  LB says we have to set up that w/the
                                  bookkeeping dept and we'd have had to do it
                                  before now

woozle     12/19/02 5:32 PM  1. you added 1208 and 4002 to the ZR order

Bubba      12/19/02 5:32 PM  y

woozle     12/19/02 5:32 PM  2. ZR order COD hold 30

Bubba      12/19/02 5:32 PM  y

woozle     12/19/02 5:33 PM  3. LB kinda sorta SOL but at least we're down
                                  to one unsolvable problem instead of 3

woozle     12/19/02 5:33 PM  When is LB scheduled to arrive?

Bubba      12/19/02 5:33 PM  what kind of total did you get for LB

Bubba      12/19/02 5:33 PM  both Sat.

woozle     12/19/02 5:34 PM  Sat.: eugh. That's almost as bad as Monday.

Bubba      12/19/02 5:34 PM  this is Thurs. when did you think it'd get

woozle     12/19/02 5:35 PM  If we'd ordered this morning like we planned
                                  to last night, it should have arrived tomorrow

Bubba      12/19/02 5:36 PM  wouldn't have happened like that anyway due to
                                  the back log

Bubba      12/19/02 5:36 PM  I asked LB

Bubba      12/19/02 5:36 PM  didn't ask ZR

woozle     12/19/02 5:37 PM  well, I'll just have to make a list of the
                                  ones that were anxious about xmas delivery,
                                  send them out overnight, and everyone else
                                  will just be a few days late.

woozle     12/19/02 5:37 PM  I don't think we have enough cash in the bank
                                  to pay for overnight for all the LB & ZR

Bubba      12/19/02 5:38 PM  to customers?

woozle     12/19/02 5:38 PM  (LB approx total cost: $1,041.25)

woozle     12/19/02 5:38 PM  right, to customers. Monday is the 23rd.

Bubba      12/19/02 5:38 PM  rt

Bubba      12/19/02 5:39 PM  whale shit

woozle     12/19/02 5:44 PM  was ZR overnight to me?

Bubba      12/19/02 5:45 PM  y

Bubba      12/19/02 5:45 PM  as is LB

woozle     12/19/02 5:45 PM  so it's probly Sat., possibly Mon. depending
                                  on how far behind they are

Bubba      12/19/02 5:46 PM  both said out tomorrow and w/Sat Delivery. 
                                  It's up to the PO

woozle     12/19/02 5:46 PM  ok... I thought you said you asked LB but not
                                  ZR -- what did you not ask LB?

Bubba      12/19/02 5:48 PM  I asked LB if it would've gotten out today
                                  anyway had I ordered it in the a.m. just to
                                  see if I screwed up and was told no

Bubba      12/19/02 5:48 PM  didn't ask that of ZR

woozle     12/19/02 5:48 PM  ah.

woozle     12/19/02 5:48 PM  I thought I had understood that order in
                                  morning = out in afternoon

woozle     12/19/02 5:49 PM  so it's order in morning = out next day, order
                                  in afternoon = out in 2 days?

Bubba      12/19/02 5:49 PM  this is Christmas is all.

Bubba      12/19/02 5:50 PM  usually order in morning and out that
                                  afternoon if the que isn't too full

woozle     12/19/02 5:50 PM  We should have been planning these dates when
                                  I was down there the other week, instead of
                                  working on the CD site.

woozle     12/19/02 5:51 PM  As it is, here's what I see: LB will attempt
                                  to debit our card for ~$1000. It will be
                                  declined. Several days later, the money will
                                  be there, and we will ask them to re-debit;
                                  the package will arrive here a few days after
                                  xmas, we will ship the stuff and it will
                                  arrive 5-10 days after xmas. People will be
                                  pissed, but life will go on.

Bubba      12/19/02 5:52 PM  we had plenty of time to do that anyway and we
                                  didn't.  let's not shift blame to that, cuz it
                                  really didn't affect us talking about dates

woozle     12/19/02 5:53 PM  I'm still trying to understand how it got to
                                  be this late that we were placing the orders,
                                  but I have no real answers yet.

Bubba      12/19/02 5:54 PM  me too neither

woozle     12/19/02 8:27 PM  ok, I'm working out some options here.

woozle     12/19/02 8:27 PM  We do have enough to place _part_ of the LB

woozle     12/19/02 8:29 PM  What I'd like to do is work out which of our
                                  LB orders are the most crucial -- that would
                                  be (1) anyone who put in the instructions
                                  saying they need it by xmas, (2) anyone who
                                  emailed anxiously about their order in the
                                  interim, (3) any others that seem to deserve
                                  special consideration.

woozle     12/19/02 8:30 PM  I've compiled a list of all the LB orders, and
                                  I'm going thru the DB making a note of the
                                  status of each one. Then we'll prioritize,
                                  then I can email everyone whose order is going
                                  to be late.

woozle     12/19/02 8:31 PM  And then tomorrow morning, if you could call
                                  LB and cancel our existing order (I want to
                                  give customers the opportunities to cancel
                                  their orders if they're going to be late) and
                                  replace it with the hi-prio list worked out

Bubba      12/19/02 8:32 PM  if we know the money is there borrow against
                                  it and ship them all

woozle     12/19/02 8:32 PM  It isn't. The debit would probably be refused,
                                  and could cost us hundreds in NSFs if it

woozle     12/19/02 8:33 PM  It will be in a few days, but not in time.
                                  Unless LB can give us maybe a 5-day extension
                                  before they debit -- which you said they

woozle     12/19/02 8:33 PM  (Not without prior arrangement, anyhow.)

Bubba      12/19/02 8:33 PM  so all this merch and no $ to cover costs
                                  after shipping??

woozle     12/19/02 8:33 PM  You know how it works.

woozle     12/19/02 8:34 PM  The money comes in after we ship, or around
                                  the time we ship if I pre-debit.

Bubba      12/19/02 8:34 PM  rt and is there going to be more than we need
                                  to buy the stuff and ship it?

woozle     12/19/02 8:34 PM  If we had 3 more days, I could run the cards
                                  and tell LB to hold the order until the funds
                                  appeared in the queue -- but that would be
                                  roughly the 24th.

woozle     12/19/02 8:35 PM  "is there going to be more than we need" --?

Bubba      12/19/02 8:35 PM  costs + shipping = what we need

Bubba      12/19/02 8:35 PM  total batch = more than we need?

Bubba      12/19/02 8:36 PM  $

woozle     12/19/02 8:36 PM  I won't know how it balances out until we've
                                  shipped everything.

woozle     12/19/02 8:36 PM  There may be some overnights which may
                                  decimate our profit margin.

woozle     12/19/02 8:37 PM  Under ordinary circumstances, we'd be in good
                                  shape; the LB restock  by itself should show a
                                  profit of $500-$1000.

Bubba      12/19/02 8:37 PM  how many pkgs to go out, and an average # of
                                  shirts X shipping method =

Bubba      12/19/02 8:37 PM  ?

woozle     12/19/02 8:37 PM  But if we have to ship stuff much more
                                  xpensivly than usual, and a bunch of people
                                  cancel cuz their stuff isn't going to be on
                                  time, then we could be dead in the water.

woozle     12/19/02 8:38 PM  LB is 50 orders

Bubba      12/19/02 8:39 PM  rt so we have to ship it or cancel them all
                                  cuz if we make a little money on shipping only
                                  some and still need to overnight the
                                  difference is just the # of pkgs doing the

woozle     12/19/02 8:39 PM  not following

woozle     12/19/02 8:39 PM  I think if we ship the ones to customers who
                                  are the most anxious, the majority of the rest
                                  of the customers may forgive us

Bubba      12/19/02 8:39 PM  if we can do it w/20 then 60 is the same only

woozle     12/19/02 8:40 PM  not understanding yr point

Bubba      12/19/02 8:40 PM  we still need to overnight pkgs to customers

woozle     12/19/02 8:40 PM  we don't have the cash to pay for all $1000 of
                                  the LB restock

Bubba      12/19/02 8:40 PM  to guarantee arrival

woozle     12/19/02 8:40 PM  hmm

woozle     12/19/02 8:41 PM  forgot about the LB restock arriving
                                  saturday... that does kinda cramp things.

Bubba      12/19/02 8:41 PM  so if we have to do it for 20 and it's worth
                                  doing then 60 is too cuz it's just more and
                                  the little we make off the extra 40 helps the
                                  big picture

woozle     12/19/02 8:42 PM  If it were going to arrive earlyish, I could
                                  have the packing slips printed for a reduced
                                  restock (20) and perhaps get it to the PO
                                  before 12:30... or, heck, we could use UPS or
                                  something... they're maybe open later... more
                                  expensive, but not as expensive as overnight

woozle     12/19/02 8:42 PM  very iffy either way, tho

woozle     12/19/02 8:43 PM  60 would be worth doing if we could afford it,
                                  but LB won't send us 60

woozle     12/19/02 8:43 PM  because they'll do the debit and the charge
                                  will be declined

woozle     12/19/02 8:43 PM  (revision: 60 _might_ be worth doing if.)

Bubba      12/19/02 8:43 PM  I'll call them in the morning and get it

woozle     12/19/02 8:43 PM  get what arranged?

woozle     12/19/02 8:45 PM  backinnabit

woozle     12/19/02 8:45 PM  (do you mean the original plan I suggested?)

Bubba      12/19/02 8:45 PM  see if I can get a ___day hold 

Bubba      12/19/02 8:45 PM  & we have to plan for a NO

woozle     12/19/02 8:46 PM  that would be immensely helpful if it were
                                  possible, tho that still leaves the
                                  overnighting issue... guess I'll have to do
                                  the math on how much that will cost.

Bubba      12/19/02 8:46 PM  k

woozle     12/19/02 9:08 PM  back... when you talk to LB, you might mention
                                  the power outage in NCand how that kind of
                                  threw our already turbulent shipping
                                  operations into a state of thorough
                                  out-of-whackness. (I'm given to understand the
                                  ice storm made national news.)

Bubba      12/19/02 9:09 PM  I'm just gonna be Oliver and do the twist

Bubba      12/19/02 9:10 PM  you know, the guy that puts the olive in the

woozle     12/19/02 9:10 PM  I'm not sure what the Dickens you're referring
                                  to, but you certainly could tell a Tale of
                                  (operations in) Two Cities.

Bubba      12/19/02 9:16 PM  will use the because

Bubba      12/19/02 9:17 PM  "Because" is scientifically proven to work
                                  94-95% of the time

woozle     12/19/02 9:18 PM  it works because

woozle     12/19/02 9:18 PM  and we know this because

Bubba      12/19/02 9:18 PM  start listening to advertising for because

woozle     12/19/02 9:20 PM  is N08 still on top of (or near) the piano?

Bubba      12/19/02 9:21 PM  will look

woozle     12/19/02 9:21 PM  if it is, pull LB-11423-2X/TD White-Tailed

woozle     12/19/02 9:22 PM  and I will create a pkg... that will fill one

Bubba      12/19/02 9:22 PM  k