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Wednesday, December 18, 2002 (#352)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/18/02 8:18 AM  I'll be running test charges for MT orders in
                                  a couple of hours, I hope. I figure we can go
                                  ahead and place the order, then pre-debit the
                                  cards for real based on what they tell us is
                                  available. Given the crunch, we'll just deal
                                  with the inevitable refunds when they send us
                                  the wrong stuff. We'll also deal with the
                                  likely NSF when they debit before the deposits
                                  hit the queue.

Bubba      12/18/02 8:19 AM  what in the world makes you think that I'm
                                  awake yet?  It's only 8:19 in the A.M.  errr
                                  ah Good Mornin

woozle     12/18/02 8:19 AM  the telltale "online" indicator.

Bubba      12/18/02 8:20 AM  and that sounds good

woozle     12/18/02 8:20 AM  Actually, I started typing it while you were
                                  still n/a

woozle     12/18/02 8:20 AM  I was gonna send it with the thought that
                                  you'd see it when you did wake up.

Bubba      12/18/02 8:20 AM  I know, just playing and the original
                                  suggestion is a good one.

Bubba      12/18/02 8:21 AM  just send me a list of what to order

woozle     12/18/02 8:21 AM  Gotta go ditch da kidz innaminnit, then
                                  there's a roof to finish sweeping & guttering,
                                  and then another roof but I may put that one
                                  off for this week... haven't decided.

Bubba      12/18/02 8:21 AM  going to make coffee brb

woozle     12/18/02 8:21 AM  Will send you the list after I've tested the

Bubba      12/18/02 8:21 AM  k

woozle     12/18/02 8:22 AM  I've got the thing set up now so we can keep
                                  track of what has been ordered for restock &
                                  don't accidentally order it again.

woozle     12/18/02 8:27 AM  going now, ttyl

Bubba      12/18/02 8:29 AM  I have a loft take down at 9 am so I'll be
                                  back about 10ish 

Bubba      12/18/02 8:29 AM  c-ya

Bubba      12/18/02 11:09 AM how goze it?

woozle     12/18/02 11:10 AM just dropping off the ladder, uploading some
                                  files; going out again...

Bubba      12/18/02 11:10 AM k

woozle     12/18/02 11:13 AM be back 'round 1 or 2

Bubba      12/18/02 11:13 AM k

woozle     12/18/02 2:25 PM  Address no match -- please contact ASAP:
                                  Charles Raymond (D5012)
                                  Visa -6361 (07/03)
                                  High Sorcery (2x eXtra Large - black T-shirt)
                                  Fire Wizard (2x eXtra Large T-shirt)
                                  (neither in stock)

woozle     12/18/02 2:25 PM  Please confirm that you received that msg...

woozle     12/18/02 2:30 PM  And another one --
                                  Miranda Marcel (D5137)
                                  MC -2823 (01/05)
                                  780-697-3131 (Alberta, Canada)

woozle     12/18/02 2:31 PM  ordered 3 MT and 1 LB

Bubba      12/18/02 2:49 PM  whut'sup w/these orders?

woozle     12/18/02 2:49 PM  address no match

Bubba      12/18/02 2:49 PM  oh bad cards

woozle     12/18/02 2:49 PM  y

Bubba      12/18/02 2:50 PM  will call them

woozle     12/18/02 2:51 PM  sending you Excel sheet of what to order
                                  shortly... if you can verify* those guys, then
                                  I can put them back in (*make contact and
                                  hopefully get a new billing address or at
                                  least establish that they seem plausible)

Bubba      12/18/02 2:52 PM  is D5012 to ship to Norwood NY

Bubba      12/18/02 2:53 PM  billing address is 
                                  29 Irish Settlement Rd.
                                  Waddington, NY 13694

woozle     12/18/02 2:53 PM  26 Baldwin Ave
                                  APT H3
                                  Norwood, ny 13668
                                  is shipping addr

Bubba      12/18/02 2:53 PM  y

woozle     12/18/02 2:53 PM  will enter that & re-run card when I get back

woozle     12/18/02 2:54 PM  correction -- have entered it, & will re-run
                                  on return

Bubba      12/18/02 2:54 PM  want me to call the other one while you're
                                  here to answer ?'s

woozle     12/18/02 2:54 PM  asap...

woozle     12/18/02 2:55 PM  will be going in about 5 mins

Bubba      12/18/02 2:55 PM  rt now

Bubba      12/18/02 2:55 PM  don't leave till we're done w/her

woozle     12/18/02 2:55 PM  will try not to

woozle     12/18/02 2:55 PM  will let you know when I have to

woozle     12/18/02 2:55 PM  brb

Bubba      12/18/02 2:55 PM  k

woozle     12/18/02 2:57 PM  bk

woozle     12/18/02 2:58 PM  leaving in 3...

Bubba      12/18/02 2:58 PM  she iddn't home so I left a message that I'd
                                  call her later

woozle     12/18/02 2:58 PM  ok

woozle     12/18/02 2:58 PM  Can you email her, and if no response by 4 try
                                  calling again?

Bubba      12/18/02 2:58 PM  k

woozle     12/18/02 2:59 PM  If the other one is good, I'm tempted to go
                                  ahead and get her stuff... take a small
                                  liquidity loss if we can't reach her by the
                                  time the stuff is ready to send out...

Bubba      12/18/02 2:59 PM  y

woozle     12/18/02 3:00 PM  anyway, heading out now. Will send you full
                                  list on return (after reprocessing that guy's
                                  card). TTY then.

Bubba      12/18/02 3:00 PM  k

woozle     12/18/02 3:51 PM  you wanna try the Canadian chick again?

Bubba      12/18/02 3:52 PM  is at work till 5 

Bubba      12/18/02 3:52 PM  talked w/some guy

woozle     12/18/02 3:52 PM  ok... guess we'll just risk it...

Bubba      12/18/02 3:52 PM  how much $ are we talking?

woozle     12/18/02 3:53 PM  $70

Bubba      12/18/02 3:53 PM  ouch

Bubba      12/18/02 3:53 PM  placing the order now is the same as in the

Bubba      12/18/02 3:53 PM  as far as getting in line we'd only be a few
                                  more behind

woozle     12/18/02 3:53 PM  yeah, but once it's placed I can start working
                                  on the LB order

Bubba      12/18/02 3:53 PM  ok

woozle     12/18/02 3:54 PM  if we wait, then I'll be just starting on LB

Bubba      12/18/02 3:55 PM  place her order cuz she's from Cananda

woozle     12/18/02 3:55 PM  logic not clear...

Bubba      12/18/02 3:55 PM  Canada = fewer thieves than Indonesia

Bubba      12/18/02 3:56 PM  chances are she's legit

woozle     12/18/02 3:56 PM  true... fewer than Indonesia; I don't know how
                                  they compare to the U.S., but we certainly
                                  haven't had many bad orders from there (mainly
                                  because we haven't had many orders from there
                                  at all)

Bubba      12/18/02 3:57 PM  rt

Bubba      12/18/02 3:57 PM  she's our Canada baseline

woozle     12/18/02 3:58 PM  now testing Charles Raymond's new addy...

Bubba      12/18/02 3:58 PM  kewl

woozle     12/18/02 3:59 PM  is code Z, zip ok but address bad... I guess
                                  that's better than N... odd that he didn't get
                                  it right 2nd time...

woozle     12/18/02 4:00 PM  Did I get the street addr right -- 29 Irish
                                  Settlement Rd.?

Bubba      12/18/02 4:00 PM  y

woozle     12/18/02 4:00 PM  huh.

Bubba      12/18/02 4:00 PM  didn't ask if it was one word cuz it sounded
                                  like two

woozle     12/18/02 4:00 PM  all that really matters is the 29

Bubba      12/18/02 4:01 PM  rt

woozle     12/18/02 4:02 PM  ok, adding him to the restock...

Bubba      12/18/02 4:02 PM  kewl

woozle     12/18/02 4:04 PM  tech difficulties, please stand by.

Bubba      12/18/02 4:05 PM  sitting OK?

woozle     12/18/02 4:05 PM  that'll work

woozle     12/18/02 4:05 PM  sits ok w/me, anyhow

Bubba      12/18/02 4:10 PM  I am the eggplant

woozle     12/18/02 4:11 PM  darned eggs, always trying to infiltrate

Bubba      12/18/02 4:11 PM  I am the wall, Russ

Bubba      12/18/02 4:12 PM  coochie coochie coo coo ka chew your food

Bubba      12/18/02 4:14 PM  I'm awaiting patients Lee

Bubba      12/18/02 4:30 PM  I have to go now. TTYL

woozle     12/18/02 4:31 PM  wai

woozle     12/18/02 4:31 PM  we need to get this in by 5

Bubba      12/18/02 4:31 PM  oh OK

woozle     12/18/02 4:31 PM  didn't say you were going b4 then

Bubba      12/18/02 4:31 PM  relax, just seeing if you were paying
                                  attention to me

Bubba      12/18/02 4:32 PM  I'm gonna wait

woozle     12/18/02 4:32 PM  some data stuff is messed up; is taking me
                                  awhile to sort out what's going on.

Bubba      12/18/02 4:32 PM  k

Bubba      12/18/02 4:32 PM  no worries

Bubba      12/18/02 4:33 PM  here anyway

woozle     12/18/02 4:33 PM  k

woozle     12/18/02 4:41 PM  ok, here we go

woozle     12/18/02 4:41 PM  ID_Item	CatNum	QtyOrd	QtyExp	
                                  MT-AJ-016-1X Spirits of the North (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-016-1X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-037-TLS/1X White Magic (eXtra Large
                                  Longsleeve T-shirt)	MT-AJ-037-TLS/1X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-037-TLS/L White Magic (Large Longsleeve
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-037-TLS/L	1		
                                  MT-AJ-044-2X Forest Twilight (2x eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-044-2X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-058-1X Pomeranian (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-058-1X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-063-L Doberman Pinscher (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-063-L	1		
                                  MT-AJ-065-YS Komodo Dragon (Youth Small
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-065-YS	1		
                                  MT-AJ-073-1X Froggies (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-073-1X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-078-1X Halcyon (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-078-1X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-097-YS Pocket Kitten (Youth Small
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-097-YS	1		
                                  MT-AJ-100-TLS/2X Crow Messengers (2x eXtra
                                  Large Longsleeve T-shirt)	MT-AJ-100-TLS/2X	1		
                                  MT-AJ-105-YM Revelation (Youth Medium
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-105-YM	1		
                                  MT-AJ-121-YL High on Top (Youth Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-AJ-121-YL	1		
                                  MT-CT-04-L Gift of the Eagle Feather (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-CT-04-L	1		
                                  MT-GG-02-2X Mother Earth (2x eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-GG-02-2X	1		
                                  MT-HB-08-3X Cardinals & Birch (3x eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-HB-08-3X	1		
                                  MT-HB-12-1X Golden Eagle (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-HB-12-1X	1		
                                  MT-HB-13-1X Penguin Family (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-HB-13-1X	1		
                                  MT-HB-15-3X Bluebirds on Fence (3x eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-HB-15-3X	1		
                                  MT-MJ-04-YL Night of the Wolves (Youth Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-04-YL	1		
                                  MT-MJ-11-TLS/M Call of the Wild (Medium
                                  Longsleeve T-shirt)	MT-MJ-11-TLS/M	1		
                                  MT-MJ-27-1X Stalking Wolf (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-27-1X	1		
                                  MT-MJ-27-YL Stalking Wolf (Youth Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-27-YL	1		
                                  MT-MJ-31-L Eagle Maiden (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-31-L	1		
                                  MT-MJ-32-L The Offering (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-32-L	1		
                                  MT-MJ-42-1X Thunderbird Maiden (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-42-1X	1		
                                  MT-MJ-45-2X Dragonfire (2x eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-45-2X	1		
                                  MT-MJ-50-2X Fire Wizard (2x eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-50-2X	1		
                                  MT-MJ-57-L Dream Maiden (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-57-L	1		
                                  MT-MJ-62-YX Dragon Lair (Youth eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-MJ-62-YX	1		
                                  MT-NT-1-L Wind Horse (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-NT-1-L	1		
                                  MT-RC-06-L Golden Sunbeam (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-RC-06-L	1		
                                  MT-TB-08-L Silver Belle Run (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-TB-08-L	1		
                                  MT-TB-22-M Forbidden Claim (Medium
                                  T-shirt)	MT-TB-22-M	1		
                                  MT-TM-01-M Red-Eyed Tree Frogs (Medium
                                  T-shirt)	MT-TM-01-M	1		
                                  MT-TM-09-1X Hangin' Out (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-TM-09-1X	1		
                                  MT-WF-02-L Beauty and The Beast (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WF-02-L	1		
                                  MT-WF-02-M Beauty and The Beast (Medium
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WF-02-M	1		
                                  MT-WF-17-L Close Encounter (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WF-17-L	1		
                                  MT-WF-18-1X Coolin' Off (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WF-18-1X	1		
                                  MT-WW-02-TLS/M Winter Run (Medium Longsleeve
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WW-02-TLS/M	1		
                                  MT-WW-08-1X Blue Heaven (eXtra Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WW-08-1X	1		
                                  MT-WW-22-M Walleye (Medium
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WW-22-M	1		
                                  MT-WW-26-L Down for the Thaw (Large
                                  T-shirt)	MT-WW-26-L	1		

woozle     12/18/02 4:42 PM  go that?

Bubba      12/18/02 4:42 PM  y

woozle     12/18/02 4:42 PM  k... kmp.

Bubba      12/18/02 4:42 PM  on phone so don't send messages

woozle     12/18/02 4:42 PM  Use ST card & ship stuff here, 2 days

Bubba      12/18/02 4:42 PM  rt

Bubba      12/18/02 4:55 PM  2nd day is for Monday because it's up to UPS
                                  as to what gets delivered

woozle     12/18/02 4:55 PM  twill haffta do

woozle     12/18/02 4:56 PM  which just emfro-sizes that we gots to get LB
                                  & ZR in tomorry

woozle     12/18/02 4:56 PM  which was it that gave us 10 days to pay MT?
                                  or LB?

Bubba      12/18/02 4:57 PM  wann do a COD hold 30

Bubba      12/18/02 4:57 PM  they'll hold the check for 30 days

woozle     12/18/02 4:57 PM  they'll take a biz check?

Bubba      12/18/02 4:58 PM  y

woozle     12/18/02 4:58 PM  Dat vud be veddy cool.

woozle     12/18/02 4:58 PM  Was that MT or LB?

Bubba      12/18/02 4:58 PM  MT

woozle     12/18/02 4:58 PM  Can we do that after already having plced the

Bubba      12/18/02 4:59 PM  in the memo mark Hold 30 days 718 Red and on
                                  the back of the check write the Hold 30 days

Bubba      12/18/02 4:59 PM  also

woozle     12/18/02 4:59 PM  making note

Bubba      12/18/02 5:00 PM  $437.30 + shipping + COD costs

Bubba      12/18/02 5:00 PM  is done

woozle     12/18/02 5:00 PM  You just talked 2 them?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:01 PM  y

Bubba      12/18/02 5:01 PM  just got off the phone

woozle     12/18/02 5:01 PM  cool.

Bubba      12/18/02 5:01 PM  was on when we were talking

woozle     12/18/02 5:01 PM  Spoze we can call back tomorry and get the
                                  final total?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:01 PM  After it ships

Bubba      12/18/02 5:02 PM  we won't know till it's boxed and ready to go

Bubba      12/18/02 5:02 PM  probably $45 total

woozle     12/18/02 5:02 PM  just did the math... we may be getting this
                                  pkg the day before the stuff is spozed to get
                                  to customers

Bubba      12/18/02 5:03 PM  well have the pkg slips ready before thye get

woozle     12/18/02 5:03 PM  can we add Saturday delivery as an option?
                                  Would they charge the extra amt if it arrived
                                  on fri or mon anyhow?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:03 PM  I would help you but it's a geographythang

woozle     12/18/02 5:04 PM  My point about the day-before is we're gonna
                                  have to send this ALL out via overnight if it
                                  arrives Mon

woozle     12/18/02 5:04 PM  And that's assuming we can get it in the mail

woozle     12/18/02 5:04 PM  Failing the Sat. delivery option, we'd probly
                                  better overnight this sucker.

Bubba      12/18/02 5:05 PM  Sat. delivery is up the the discretion of UPS
                                  as to which get delivered on Sat.  Overnight
                                  is first proiority and then 2nd day air

Bubba      12/18/02 5:05 PM  to us?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:05 PM  overnight to us?

woozle     12/18/02 5:05 PM  We'd probly better do overnight (to us, yes),
                                  despite the expense.

woozle     12/18/02 5:05 PM  Otherwise the cost of getting it to customers
                                  on time would be prohibitive.

Bubba      12/18/02 5:05 PM  rt calling

woozle     12/18/02 5:05 PM  minimum $12-16 per order

Bubba      12/18/02 5:05 PM  rt

Bubba      12/18/02 5:06 PM  done

woozle     12/18/02 5:07 PM  cool.

Bubba      12/18/02 5:07 PM  FedEx - cuz it's more reliable this time of

Bubba      12/18/02 5:07 PM  according to Brian at the MT

Bubba      12/18/02 5:07 PM  Ethan is gone for the day

woozle     12/18/02 5:07 PM  Will work on LB & ZR tonite so we can order
                                  tomorrow b4 shipping time (whenzat --

Bubba      12/18/02 5:08 PM  the earlier the better.  A schedule at this
                                  time of year is a hinderance.  We need to be
                                  24/7 till it's done

woozle     12/18/02 5:09 PM  we need to be able to hire people to stay on
                                  top of this stuff, is what eye thinq

Bubba      12/18/02 5:09 PM  I'm even contemplating coming up there to make
                                  sure it all gets out

Bubba      12/18/02 5:09 PM  if we had the volume we could hire a
                                  fulfillment center at $2 per pkg

Bubba      12/18/02 5:10 PM  like Juliet

woozle     12/18/02 5:10 PM  is up to you... Mel's visiting, so it'd be a
                                  full house, but you'd be welcome

woozle     12/18/02 5:10 PM  What is minimum $ for fulfullment ctr?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:10 PM  just mulling at teh moment

Bubba      12/18/02 5:10 PM  don't know

woozle     12/18/02 5:11 PM  (Add to mulling: _and_ the 2nd toilet is still
                                  unusable... yesterday I found where the pipe
                                  leaves the house, but haven't had time to dig

Bubba      12/18/02 5:11 PM  I'll go before I leave if I come

Bubba      12/18/02 5:11 PM  ;-P

woozle     12/18/02 5:12 PM  Gonna need wunnem tahm-musheens

Bubba      12/18/02 5:12 PM  if I came up there?

woozle     12/18/02 5:13 PM  if you go before you leave

woozle     12/18/02 5:13 PM  or leave before you arrive

Bubba      12/18/02 5:13 PM  go to the bathroom go

woozle     12/18/02 5:13 PM  got it

Bubba      12/18/02 5:14 PM  machine other than my computer?

woozle     12/18/02 5:15 PM  you can use Gonzo and I'll use the laptop

woozle     12/18/02 5:15 PM  I think we'll be ok if all the stuff comes in
                                  before Friday afternoon

Bubba      12/18/02 5:15 PM  no no, thot you said that I'd need to bring
                                  one of them machines

woozle     12/18/02 5:15 PM  time machine... so you can leave before you

woozle     12/18/02 5:16 PM  was leetle joke

Bubba      12/18/02 5:21 PM  oh tahm machine

woozle     12/18/02 5:21 PM  raht

Bubba      12/18/02 5:29 PM  was burning backup CD for Lynne's stuff so I
                                  can empty Waldorf of some stuff

woozle     12/18/02 5:30 PM  good i-deer

Bubba      12/18/02 5:35 PM  did the $98 ever get into my account?

woozle     12/18/02 5:35 PM  was waiting for your email reply... did you
                                  send it?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:35 PM  ?

Bubba      12/18/02 5:35 PM  looking

woozle     12/18/02 5:35 PM  I emailed you a couple of days ago that I
                                  needed more info

Bubba      12/18/02 5:36 PM  do you remember what you needed?

woozle     12/18/02 5:36 PM  I think I just needed to know the name on the
                                  account, and confirm that it was @ 1242 hull

Bubba      12/18/02 5:37 PM  ReDistribution Alternative and yes 1242 Hull
                                  Rd. 30601

woozle     12/18/02 5:37 PM  k

woozle     12/18/02 5:38 PM  can you msg me the acct # again so I don't
                                  have to go thru the painful process of opening
                                  mozilla mail rt now

Bubba      12/18/02 5:38 PM  5142677913

woozle     12/18/02 5:39 PM  got it... so the total bill was how much? (The
                                  check-stop fee was $10)

woozle     12/18/02 5:40 PM  you said $98, just wanted to confirm that
                                  meant the total was $108, less $10 for check

Bubba      12/18/02 5:40 PM  40*3=108-10=100

Bubba      12/18/02 5:40 PM  just call it a hunnerd dollars

woozle     12/18/02 5:40 PM  got it

woozle     12/18/02 5:40 PM  should be able to do tomorrow

Bubba      12/18/02 5:40 PM  still savin $10

Bubba      12/18/02 5:40 PM  kewl, thnx

Bubba      12/18/02 5:41 PM  this is where online banking is sposed to be
                                  the thing

Bubba      12/18/02 5:41 PM  let me play with my own damn money

Bubba      12/18/02 5:45 PM  I mean anyone, not just me

Bubba      12/18/02 5:46 PM  in print it looked a little harsher than I
                                  meant it.

woozle     12/18/02 5:47 PM  I'm sure they'll add the features as people
                                  get used to the new realm of services

Bubba      12/18/02 5:47 PM  we'll be grey and withering

woozle     12/18/02 5:47 PM  a lot of the stuff you can do now online, ten
                                  years ago banks wouldn't have dared offer even
                                  if they could have

Bubba      12/18/02 5:49 PM  it cost's $20 to use BB&T OLB

Bubba      12/18/02 5:50 PM  per month

woozle     12/18/02 5:50 PM  for business accts, y

woozle     12/18/02 5:50 PM  for personal accts it's free

Bubba      12/18/02 5:50 PM  bummer, but unto Ceaser

Bubba      12/18/02 5:50 PM  siezer

Bubba      12/18/02 5:50 PM  cesar

woozle     12/18/02 5:51 PM  actually, I think there were several different
                                  levels of online banking for biz accts; some
                                  may have been cheaper. I don't recall

Bubba      12/18/02 5:51 PM  see czar

woozle     12/18/02 5:51 PM  I just signed up for the one which had the
                                  needed features.

Bubba      12/18/02 5:52 PM  I'll look and see if I can sign up online to
                                  do it or if it's an indoor thing

woozle     12/18/02 5:52 PM  Online

Bubba      12/18/02 5:52 PM  bank card still not here

woozle     12/18/02 5:52 PM  humf

Bubba      12/18/02 5:53 PM  willcall

Bubba      12/18/02 5:53 PM  rodger willcall

woozle     12/18/02 5:53 PM  you can also email thru the web site

Bubba      12/18/02 5:53 PM  yeah but to whom, and responce when

Bubba      12/18/02 5:53 PM  s

woozle     12/18/02 5:53 PM  usually they respond within 1-2 days

Bubba      12/18/02 5:54 PM  i'll callin the morn

woozle     12/18/02 5:54 PM  probly faster action that way annyhooo

Bubba      12/18/02 5:54 PM  I Collin T. Morn ...

Bubba      12/18/02 5:55 PM  rt qkr

Bubba      12/18/02 5:58 PM  I hear the drums a callin....
                                  They're beating round the bend...
                                  I ain't beat on my skins, since, 
                                  I don't know when.

Bubba      12/18/02 6:00 PM  Gonna play one step closer to the edge a few
                                  times to get my blood pumpin. 
                                  bk inna minnit.
                                  I can see my screen change if you call me. 
                                  Just do it big and in bold.

Bubba      12/18/02 6:36 PM  dunn drumming

Bubba      12/18/02 6:36 PM  Nevah Dunn Drummin

woozle     12/18/02 6:36 PM  dundrummin dunroamin duncarin dunlivin by
                                  Roger Waters?>

Bubba      12/18/02 6:36 PM  hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Bubba      12/18/02 6:36 PM  egg act lee

Bubba      12/18/02 6:37 PM  eggs

woozle     12/18/02 6:37 PM  there are 13 msgs on ICM

Bubba      12/18/02 6:37 PM  new

woozle     12/18/02 6:38 PM  I just found this out because I just got
                                  around to reinstalling it so as to more easily
                                  listen to the "Card Center" message...

woozle     12/18/02 6:38 PM  yes, new

woozle     12/18/02 6:38 PM  with an additional 7 old msgs

Bubba      12/18/02 6:39 PM  They kinda go like this Merry Christmas, and
                                  WHERE IN THE FUCK IS MY PACKAGE.  Have a happy

Bubba      12/18/02 6:39 PM  how many from today

woozle     12/18/02 6:39 PM  none newer than "4 days ago"

woozle     12/18/02 6:40 PM  and, coincidentally, Card Center is calling rt

Bubba      12/18/02 6:40 PM  Was at Muffins slingin gravel and didn't know
                                  you couldn't get them yet so I figgered you

woozle     12/18/02 6:40 PM  ahh... it's Citgo card...

woozle     12/18/02 6:41 PM  for me to deal with. Late payment on the card,

woozle     12/18/02 6:41 PM  They were still sending the statements to

Bubba      12/18/02 6:41 PM  ahhh

Bubba      12/18/02 6:42 PM  how many at 0 sec?

woozle     12/18/02 6:42 PM  3, I think... just deleted them.

Bubba      12/18/02 6:42 PM  k

Bubba      12/18/02 6:43 PM  gonna go to Ingles bak inna bit

woozle     12/18/02 6:43 PM  k

woozle     12/18/02 6:59 PM  going to pick up Mel @ airport -- back in a

woozle     12/18/02 8:35 PM  bk

Bubba      12/18/02 8:35 PM  just getting back myself

woozle     12/18/02 8:36 PM  long way to Ingles, eh?

Bubba      12/18/02 8:37 PM  cahnged it to take back movies and go to
                                  Kroger and test the yellow mercedes but it
                                  quit right after getting on to Pittard Rd. and
                                  that took a while to get it back home

woozle     12/18/02 8:37 PM  ah. fun.

Bubba      12/18/02 8:43 PM  going to cook dinner

woozle     12/18/02 8:43 PM  k

Bubba      12/18/02 9:19 PM  bk

woozle     12/18/02 9:19 PM  how.d

woozle     12/18/02 11:44 PM we never did reconcile those 2 versions of
                                  MT06, did we.

Bubba      12/18/02 11:45 PM not yet and I need the shipping info for our
                                  Flores orders so I can call Carlos

woozle     12/18/02 11:45 PM Flores -- one moment.

Bubba      12/18/02 11:46 PM I think it's 3 orders and 6 pieces

Bubba      12/18/02 11:46 PM 1-1-4

woozle     12/18/02 11:48 PM AF-CTCM-10
                                  Ella Mazurova
                                  505 Jefferson Blvd.
                                  Staten Island, NY 10312
                                  JULIO GARCIA
                                  5153 S. MASSASOIT
                                  CHICAGO, IL 60638

woozle     12/18/02 11:48 PM And that's all I show for Flores orders.

Bubba      12/18/02 11:48 PM the 4 full moon spheres

woozle     12/18/02 11:49 PM they must have been cancelled

woozle     12/18/02 11:49 PM if you know the cat#, I can look it up

woozle     12/18/02 11:49 PM and see what happened to the order

Bubba      12/18/02 11:49 PM looking

woozle     12/18/02 11:50 PM is it AF-C300-01 R. Full Moon Sphere (PS)
                                  (Ceramic Sculpture) ?

woozle     12/18/02 11:50 PM cuz there are no recent orders for that.

Bubba      12/18/02 11:50 PM y

Bubba      12/18/02 11:51 PM yup those are they

Bubba      12/18/02 11:51 PM looking for email

Bubba      12/18/02 11:57 PM I just emailed her asking if she still wanted

Bubba      12/18/02 11:57 PM asked for them by the 13th

woozle     12/18/02 11:57 PM who, Ella?

woozle     12/18/02 11:58 PM We've already put down a deposit on them, you

woozle     12/18/02 11:58 PM I'd rather not give customers the option of
                                  backing out when we have to put down a

woozle     12/18/02 11:58 PM But what's done is done. Just for future ref.

Bubba      12/18/02 11:58 PM rt and we didn't have to pay anything on these

Bubba      12/18/02 11:59 PM Julie Mehrer

woozle     12/18/02 11:59 PM order #?

Bubba      12/18/02 11:59 PM Never actually placed an order yet it looks

woozle     12/18/02 11:59 PM so this was an email order or something? Do we
                                  have a credit card?