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Sunday, December 15, 2002 (#349)
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  • what: log of ICQ conversation between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/15/02 8:18 AM  The MP3 issue is something I wanneta talk
                                  about... Remember that idea of having an
                                  "audio trademark" at the end of every track?
                                  That's part of my idea. It goes on a lot
                                  longer than that and I haven't written it all
                                  down... but the long and the short is, I think
                                  giving away near-CD-qual tracks contributes
                                  greatly to word-of-mouth advertising and won't
                                  harm unit sales.

woozle     12/15/02 1:24 PM  Been typing up the audio-related idea, but
                                  it's taking me a long time to get to the part
                                  that explains why I think it's a good idea to
                                  give away MP3s. We're about to go out and get
                                  an xmas tree; we'll be back when, uh, when we
                                  get done with that...

woozle     12/15/02 2:34 PM  bk

Bubba      12/15/02 6:59 PM  hey mang I'm home from building

woozle     12/15/02 7:50 PM  howdit go

Bubba      12/15/02 7:58 PM  bk from eating and not bad

woozle     12/15/02 7:58 PM  goodo

Bubba      12/15/02 7:58 PM  I'm done 

Bubba      12/15/02 7:58 PM  2 days for free is my limit

woozle     12/15/02 7:59 PM  gotta have limit

woozle     12/15/02 7:59 PM  s

Bubba      12/15/02 7:59 PM  mainly moved rock to fill mud holes so traffic
                                  could get in and out

Bubba      12/15/02 8:01 PM  i messed w/the RDA front page cuz I thought
                                  it'd be easy enough to swap the front page
                                  image due to feed back saying it is good and
                                  does nothing to convey what we are saying 

woozle     12/15/02 8:02 PM  ok

woozle     12/15/02 8:02 PM  good but useless?

Bubba      12/15/02 8:02 PM  the several surveyed said that the beds image
                                  is better on the front page

Bubba      12/15/02 8:02 PM  not useless just misplaced

woozle     12/15/02 8:03 PM  makes sentz

Bubba      12/15/02 8:03 PM  can you fix it?

woozle     12/15/02 8:03 PM  what's rong w/it?

Bubba      12/15/02 8:03 PM  look at it

woozle     12/15/02 8:04 PM  just the home pg?

Bubba      12/15/02 8:04 PM  y

woozle     12/15/02 8:05 PM  nothing obviously wrong... you want the top
                                  homeless image aligned top-flush with the
                                  molecule, or what?

Bubba      12/15/02 8:05 PM  y and is the script for image size right

woozle     12/15/02 8:06 PM  nothing is resizing when I shrink the window,
                                  so I guess not.

Bubba      12/15/02 8:06 PM  thot so

woozle     12/15/02 8:12 PM  well, for one thing, 155 kb is too durn large
                                  for a home page image. That's your .sepia.

woozle     12/15/02 8:12 PM  61 kb is a big big too (your .sm. image)

woozle     12/15/02 8:12 PM  bit big

Bubba      12/15/02 8:12 PM  limit?

woozle     12/15/02 8:13 PM  Look at ftanims -- it's 18kb

woozle     12/15/02 8:13 PM  And the supersm is 3k

woozle     12/15/02 8:13 PM  tho that's probably a bit _too_ small,

Bubba      12/15/02 8:21 PM  playing w/images

woozle     12/15/02 8:22 PM  messing with html

Bubba      12/15/02 8:22 PM  can't get it any smaller than 300k

Bubba      12/15/02 8:22 PM  Sepia

Bubba      12/15/02 8:22 PM  and it looks really washed out

woozle     12/15/02 8:23 PM  something's wrong, then.

woozle     12/15/02 8:23 PM  let me take a look.

Bubba      12/15/02 8:23 PM  I drop it to 156 colors and it's still 294k

woozle     12/15/02 8:24 PM  that's not how you reduce a jpg

woozle     12/15/02 8:24 PM  always use 24-bit for jpgs

Bubba      12/15/02 8:24 PM  was gonna go gif

woozle     12/15/02 8:24 PM  that'll make it bigger

Bubba      12/15/02 8:24 PM  compression not color qty?

woozle     12/15/02 8:25 PM  gif is good for line art and stuff with very
                                  few shades; this is a continuous-tone photo,
                                  even if it's b&w

woozle     12/15/02 8:25 PM  jpg is best for shades of color or gray

Bubba      12/15/02 8:25 PM  k

woozle     12/15/02 8:25 PM  turn up the jpg compression just a bit

Bubba      12/15/02 8:25 PM  k

woozle     12/15/02 8:25 PM  (or turn down the quality)

Bubba      12/15/02 8:25 PM  rt

woozle     12/15/02 8:25 PM  If it's at 95, try 80... I'm not sure what
                                  scale yr img editor uses.

Bubba      12/15/02 8:33 PM  it was set to 15, I changed it to 30 w/no sig
                                  loss of img

Bubba      12/15/02 8:33 PM  also the file in expolre looks different size
                                  that when it's open in PSP

woozle     12/15/02 8:33 PM  it's also too big. I've shrunk it to about 500
                                  px wide, but it could probably be 600.

Bubba      12/15/02 8:34 PM  dad gummit

Bubba      12/15/02 8:35 PM  pardon my franch

woozle     12/15/02 8:35 PM  that's "d'adue guillaumette"

Bubba      12/15/02 8:35 PM  I sit straightened the fuck right out

woozle     12/15/02 8:36 PM  oui oui, but please go behind a troui if you

Bubba      12/15/02 8:36 PM  or right the fuck out

woozle     12/15/02 8:38 PM  w.thePooh.time... back innabit

Bubba      12/15/02 8:38 PM  rt o

woozle     12/15/02 9:08 PM  bk

Bubba      12/15/02 9:08 PM  k

Bubba      12/15/02 9:20 PM  do you think we need to do anything to the new
                                  words on the front page?

Bubba      12/15/02 9:21 PM  L is saying they are in need ofa more festive

woozle     12/15/02 9:22 PM  If you've got any christmassy images, you
                                  could tone 'em down and put them as a
                                  background or something... bladepro earth in
                                  red and green? Then pastel it?

woozle     12/15/02 9:22 PM  Anything I can think of would take longer than
                                  it would seem to be worth, but it's up to what
                                  you feel like messing with.

Bubba      12/15/02 9:24 PM  rt

Bubba      12/15/02 9:24 PM  I'll do an image w/red cursive letters w/a
                                  poem together