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Friday, December 13, 2002 (#347)
Thursday Friday Saturday
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  • what: log of ICQ conversation between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/13/02 8:12 AM  Status: encoded MP3s, but turned out was the
                                  1st mix of "Remember". I've found what I think
                                  is the final mix, but need to install sound
                                  drivers on Gonzo & they're not cooperating.
                                  Will be heading out the door shortly, back
                                  around 9:30-10:00. (But still working on situ
                                  until then.)

Bubba      12/13/02 9:27 AM  mornin

woozle     12/13/02 9:59 AM  mronyng

woozle     12/13/02 10:24 AM uploading MP3s now... gonna take a few hours
                                  (60 MB)

woozle     12/13/02 10:25 AM We need an "audio trademark" to put at the end
                                  of BHA's MP3s.

woozle     12/13/02 10:25 AM Do you have any way of recording audio up
                                  there, even low quality (like a dictaphone or
                                  the mic on yr computer)?

Bubba      12/13/02 10:29 AM Hey, Nick... It's Lynne here... I was in the
                                  middle of sending this when you started
                                  typing..I need to pay 613-2770 on the card and
                                  put the money in the SunTrust later today...
                                  It's for $106.80 and I have it in the bank but
                                  I don't want to have to go up to Classic Cash
                                  and they shut off the phone... Is that okay?
                                  Will respond to other questions when this gets
                                  to you...

woozle     12/13/02 10:29 AM There isn't any money in the account right

Bubba      12/13/02 10:32 AM Bubba went up to the store and will be back
                                  shortly... I think I don't know the answers to
                                  any of the questions you had about the
                                  recording.  I will have Bubba get with you as
                                  soon as he gets back.  Bubba fixed the Web
                                  Project Page last night.  He also imported the
                                  copy that needed to go on the Benefit CD Page
                                  but it will need to be moved and the links are
                                  not live...

Bubba      12/13/02 10:34 AM If you give me your name and password to get
                                  into the phone bill online thing... I can pay
                                  it directly out of the RDA account.  I'm
                                  signed up but I can't remember my password and
                                  they have to email it to me... 

woozle     12/13/02 10:34 AM Well, I gave you that before so I might as
                                  well give it to you again... let me look it

woozle     12/13/02 10:35 AM user: staddon
                                  pass: tardis

Bubba      12/13/02 10:37 AM Thanks... Sorry I misplaced it... I will write
                                  it down in a better place this time... 

woozle     12/13/02 10:37 AM no prob

Bubba      12/13/02 11:13 AM I'm bak

woozle     12/13/02 12:03 PM going out soonish....

Bubba      12/13/02 12:12 PM I'm here... Are you still there?

Bubba      12/13/02 12:14 PM Bubba is still here, also... Wuz just waiting
                                  for an answer from you.  Are the files for the
                                  MP3's downloading or how did we decide that
                                  was going to go?

woozle     12/13/02 2:30 PM  uploading MP3s

woozle     12/13/02 2:34 PM  and fighting with Gonzo, who doesn't seem to
                                  want to have a sound card this time around...

Bubba      12/13/02 3:38 PM  hay mang, most of the stuff is already on the
                                  site and only in need of tweaking.

Bubba      12/13/02 3:45 PM  foster reactivated his order via ICM

woozle     12/13/02 4:00 PM  larry foster?

Bubba      12/13/02 4:01 PM  cancelled and you said they could reactivate

woozle     12/13/02 4:01 PM  and did he want all the stuff he originally
                                  ordered? (The email I got was from a female...
                                  his wife, I'd guess)

Bubba      12/13/02 4:01 PM  D5060 and yes the original order

woozle     12/13/02 4:03 PM  I've reactivated it.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:03 PM  k

Bubba      12/13/02 4:09 PM  any progress?  Juliet has sent out another
                                  $200 worth of postage 17 packages across the
                                  Northamerican Continent 

woozle     12/13/02 4:09 PM  is still uploading. I did say it would take a
                                  few hours.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:10 PM  rt, just keeping you up to speed on the

woozle     12/13/02 4:10 PM  I was just wondering howcum all this stuff was
                                  planned without asking the tech person if it
                                  was doable on the schedule that was planned.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:12 PM  it's been a week that we've been doing this

woozle     12/13/02 4:12 PM  I mean, money is being spent on this, it
                                  sounds like, yet nobody took steps to ensure
                                  that the money was being _well_ spent. Kinda
                                  like working for Carrier, without the

Bubba      12/13/02 4:13 PM  Lynne says she asked you last week before Sat
                                  for that Sat as a deadline about the technical
                                  difficulties and you said it would be a piece
                                  of cake, and that you'd be willing to do it.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:14 PM  Just got off the phone w/her

Bubba      12/13/02 4:14 PM  she's stressing is all.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:15 PM  let's just do it as we can.

woozle     12/13/02 4:16 PM  Tried to send "I never said anything was a
                                  piece of cake, and I didn't know she'd need
                                  the audio." but it wouldn't do it.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:16 PM  got it and her stress is time dated related is
                                  all, and I can see her point.  We knew that it

Bubba      12/13/02 4:17 PM  going to be more than she thought and it was
                                  later than we wanted to do it and we still
                                  said OK, and as we all stand to benefit she
                                  doesn't see why it isn't more of a priority to
                                  either of us

Bubba      12/13/02 4:18 PM  and both of us are saying "We said that if we
                                  were going to work on this for this year we
                                  would have to start in Aug.

woozle     12/13/02 4:18 PM  And also, where does she get off planning all
                                  this expenditure of funds without involving
                                  anyone whose time is suddenly going to be
                                  needed in order to pull off what she's
                                  promised? I wanted to get moving on this thing
                                  back in August, and said so, and I know I'm
                                  preaching to the choir but perhaps this is
                                  grist for your mill too.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:18 PM  the money spending is Juliet not Lynne

Bubba      12/13/02 4:19 PM  it's her money 

Bubba      12/13/02 4:19 PM  I got an armory

Bubba      12/13/02 4:19 PM  even the executive bazooka

woozle     12/13/02 4:19 PM  And her saying she doesn't understand why it's
                                  not more of a priority for me/us just makes my
                                  blood boil, if ya wanna know.

woozle     12/13/02 4:20 PM  Sheer khutzvah.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:20 PM  she sees me do what I've done in a few hours
                                  and thinks that it would only have taken you
                                  45 minutes

Bubba      12/13/02 4:21 PM  and she's probably right

Bubba      12/13/02 4:21 PM  I think 30 but it might have been as long as

woozle     12/13/02 4:22 PM  I can't upload any faster than you, and I've
                                  got metaphorical houses burning down here to
                                  occupy my atttention.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:22 PM  I've put most of the raw data up there and it
                                  just needs tweaking...

woozle     12/13/02 4:22 PM  I could stop the upload so I'd be able to
                                  download what you've got and tweak it.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:23 PM  paues?

Bubba      12/13/02 4:23 PM  paws

Bubba      12/13/02 4:23 PM  pa's

Bubba      12/13/02 4:23 PM  pause, yea pause

Bubba      12/13/02 4:23 PM  pause to get the index files to tweak and then
                                  add them onto the back of the upload

woozle     12/13/02 4:24 PM  but getting this stock processed is more
                                  important to me right now, doesn't she
                                  understand that? If I was gonna be doing CD
                                  stuff, it should have been weeks and weeks

woozle     12/13/02 4:24 PM  If I'm gonna get stuff pulled in time to run
                                  cards tonight and ship stuff tomorrow, I don't
                                  _have_ 20 minutes to do CD work.

woozle     12/13/02 4:25 PM  It's a really untimely imposition to have to
                                  drop what I'm already behind on to work on
                                  what she's behind on.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:25 PM  I know and like I say, the raw stuff is there
                                  so maybe just check it out and get an estimate
                                  and schedule together for her

woozle     12/13/02 4:25 PM  And rather [something] of her to get on
                                  everyone's case about doing it _now_ when if
                                  it was gonna be done it should have been ages

Bubba      12/13/02 4:27 PM  I know that it's another "this could really be
                                  huge" and the truth is that is could.  I have
                                  seen too much good stuff come from the
                                  promptings so I'm doing what I can to make it
                                  happen for the best

Bubba      12/13/02 4:28 PM  at least look at what I've done so far.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:28 PM  you can tell from looking at the page in your
                                  browser what it'll need

Bubba      12/13/02 4:30 PM  links on the cd page need to be fixed, sound
                                  clips, and I think that is about it really 

Bubba      12/13/02 4:30 PM  the links to the org in the breakdown portion

Bubba      12/13/02 4:30 PM  are the fupped duck ones

woozle     12/13/02 4:31 PM  it won't load, presumably cuz the upload is
                                  hogging the bandwidth.

woozle     12/13/02 4:31 PM  redistribution.org not found

Bubba      12/13/02 4:31 PM  did you pause the upload?

woozle     12/13/02 4:31 PM  will attempt

woozle     12/13/02 4:32 PM  nope, still not happy. Upload paused.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:32 PM  bummer

woozle     12/13/02 4:32 PM  Will probably have to reboot; must be
                                  something wrong with DNS.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:32 PM  k thanks for trying

Bubba      12/13/02 4:33 PM  nudderbummer

woozle     12/13/02 4:33 PM  Would rather keep working on stock while files
                                  upload. All stock on location now inventoried.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:33 PM  ?

Bubba      12/13/02 4:33 PM  inv but not entered?

woozle     12/13/02 4:34 PM  entered but need to figure out what should

woozle     12/13/02 4:34 PM  I need to enter the stuff you're shipping to
                                  me into an "in-transit" pkg so we don't
                                  accidentally order it...

woozle     12/13/02 4:35 PM  Have you mailed it already?

woozle     12/13/02 4:35 PM  Gonna reboot beaker (NAT) server, brb

Bubba      12/13/02 4:36 PM  not yet.  I'll go down to the trailer and look
                                  for more of the stuff.

woozle     12/13/02 4:41 PM  can you get to redistribution.org?

woozle     12/13/02 4:41 PM  oh wait, it's coming in...

woozle     12/13/02 4:43 PM  what happened to the track listing?

woozle     12/13/02 4:44 PM  lyrics page... ok...

Bubba      12/13/02 4:44 PM  ok?

woozle     12/13/02 4:44 PM  y

Bubba      12/13/02 4:45 PM  did the lyrics make it up?

Bubba      12/13/02 4:46 PM  can you set print parameters?

woozle     12/13/02 4:46 PM  no lyrix that I see. Don't msg me for a bit,
                                  I'm trying to transcribe the shirt list from
                                  yesterday's history.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:47 PM  k kmp

woozle     12/13/02 4:48 PM  k, gottit

Bubba      12/13/02 4:48 PM  bk?

woozle     12/13/02 4:48 PM  print params? When I print I can. What mean u?

Bubba      12/13/02 4:49 PM  html coding to say landscape two columns 1/2"
                                  gutter yata yata yata

Bubba      12/13/02 4:49 PM  for when someone prints from the site

Bubba      12/13/02 4:50 PM  like to print the lyrics

Bubba      12/13/02 4:50 PM  probably PDF kinda thing

woozle     12/13/02 4:50 PM  ok, got those 6 shirts entered in as a box,
                                  currently located @Hull Rd.

woozle     12/13/02 4:51 PM  HTML is lousy about printer support. Yah, PDF.
                                  OpenOffice.org saves to PDF; you might want to
                                  install that.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:52 PM  kewl thnx

woozle     12/13/02 4:55 PM  ...or at least I gathered it did; I don't see
                                  PDF as an option in the HTML editor.

woozle     12/13/02 4:56 PM  nor in OOo Writer. :-P

woozle     12/13/02 4:56 PM  Maybe poke around the web site while you're
                                  there and look for info about that.

Bubba      12/13/02 4:57 PM  this says it's Mac OS X Developer Build

Bubba      12/13/02 4:58 PM  brb

woozle     12/13/02 4:58 PM  that's just one version available

Bubba      12/13/02 5:12 PM  bk

Bubba      12/13/02 7:08 PM  g'mornin

Bubba      12/13/02 7:10 PM  (to the tune of singin in the rain) I'm
                                  swingin' in the breeze, just swingin in the

Bubba      12/13/02 7:58 PM  are you there?

Bubba      12/13/02 8:29 PM  hey

woozle     12/13/02 9:04 PM  got the sound card working, finally, and got
                                  the 60GB drive to show up on the RAID array

woozle     12/13/02 9:05 PM  also downloaded the CD stuff off the site.
                                  Will look at it in a minute. Where should I
                                  look to see exactly what needs to be done?

Bubba      12/13/02 9:05 PM  L is on the way

Bubba      12/13/02 9:06 PM  i'm gonna go get kerosene

woozle     12/13/02 9:06 PM  k

Bubba      12/13/02 9:07 PM  Lynne, here...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:09 PM  The biggest priority is the sound clips... 
                                  there are a couple of other places in the site
                                  that need a little bit of tidying up but Bubba
                                  has done quite a bit in the areas that were

Bubba      12/13/02 9:09 PM  Pretty much, all that is left is what he
                                  couldn't do...

woozle     12/13/02 9:09 PM  The clips will spend the rest of the night
                                  uploading, but I can put the links in so the
                                  clips will be live

Bubba      12/13/02 9:10 PM  I'm not sure I understand what you mean...

woozle     12/13/02 9:11 PM  so they'll be live as soon as they arrive
                                  there, I mean -- won't have to wait for me to
                                  do more editing after the upload is done

Bubba      12/13/02 9:11 PM  kewl...  

Bubba      12/13/02 9:13 PM  There are a couple of links on the Benefit CD
                                  page that are not live...
                                  homelesstaskforce.org and The National
                                  Coalition for the Homeless
                                  (nationalhomeless.org) need to go to those
                                  sites when you click on them...

woozle     12/13/02 9:14 PM  checking...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:14 PM  Thanks...

woozle     12/13/02 9:15 PM  I see... B left out the "http://"

Bubba      12/13/02 9:16 PM  Maybe that is the same deal with the links in
                                  "Healing Central"  because they are not
                                  playing well with others, either... I think
                                  you did them initially... and then he tried to
                                  add the affiliate numbers to the end and they
                                  haven't worked since...

woozle     12/13/02 9:20 PM  will look at it; am fixing CD page...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:20 PM  k

woozle     12/13/02 9:27 PM  ok, take a look at the CD page and see if
                                  there's anything else there... I have to go
                                  upstairs and read WtheP, but I shall return.

Bubba      12/13/02 9:27 PM  qwk ?

Bubba      12/13/02 9:28 PM  can you send me the table cell shift right for
                                  the breakdown info so it can be at the top rt

Bubba      12/13/02 9:28 PM  That was Bubba

Bubba      12/13/02 9:30 PM  He used the info that you gave about the
                                  http:// to fix the links on the  Benefit CD

woozle     12/13/02 9:40 PM  the breakdown info won't fit at top right on
                                  smaller scrns; I wouldn't put it there.

woozle     12/13/02 9:41 PM  and by benefit CD page, do you mean some other
                                  page than /cd ?

Bubba      12/13/02 9:41 PM  Okay, I think it looks pretty good where it
                                  is.. What do you think?

woozle     12/13/02 9:42 PM  Good enuff.

Bubba      12/13/02 9:42 PM  No, that is what I mean... The links were dead
                                  and now Bubba did what you said and they are

woozle     12/13/02 9:42 PM  I already fixed them

woozle     12/13/02 9:43 PM  before I went up

woozle     12/13/02 9:43 PM  So I don't know what was left to fix

Bubba      12/13/02 9:43 PM  So, Bubba just thinks he fixed them?

woozle     12/13/02 9:44 PM  as far as I can tell, he didn't even upload
                                  his changes (and I hope he won't, cuz the
                                  editor he's using messes up the html tag
                                  layout so it's harder for me to read)

woozle     12/13/02 9:44 PM  one thing we could do...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:45 PM  Okay... he's just now going to get kerosene so
                                  he won't be uploading anything... he thinks he
                                  already did...

woozle     12/13/02 9:45 PM  ...is take out the listing of "Proceeds from
                                  the Benefit CD go to:" and put the links under
                                  "Breakdown...", cuz you're just giving the
                                  same info over again, enhanced slightly

woozle     12/13/02 9:45 PM  let me show u... one moment....

Bubba      12/13/02 9:48 PM  BTW... I cannot get to the front page of the
                                  site from anywhere... Do you have it down for

woozle     12/13/02 9:49 PM  looks like it got overwrit with something...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:49 PM  what do you mean?

woozle     12/13/02 9:51 PM  I think B must have overwritten it with the
                                  wrong file, cuz it was just there a few
                                  minutes ago. Anyway, I've uploaded what I
                                  could find -- don't know if it was the final
                                  version, but it'll do.

Bubba      12/13/02 9:51 PM  I'm gonna go look...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:52 PM  I still can't see it.. Can you?

Bubba      12/13/02 9:55 PM  Are you there?

woozle     12/13/02 9:57 PM  was moving stock boxes

woozle     12/13/02 9:57 PM  did you reload?

Bubba      12/13/02 9:57 PM  No...

Bubba      12/13/02 9:57 PM  
                                  It wouldn't come up...

woozle     12/13/02 9:58 PM  It's not going to come up unless you reload

Bubba      12/13/02 9:59 PM  I went to my computer and it loaded and looks
                                  like it used to... I think...

woozle     12/13/02 10:00 PM like it used to when it was right, or like it
                                  used to when it wouldn't come up?

Bubba      12/13/02 10:01 PM when it was right...
                                  I also looked at the /cd page and I like your

woozle     12/13/02 10:01 PM cool.

Bubba      12/13/02 10:25 PM The list has drastically dwindled...  Contact
                                  us is the only place on the site that is not
                                  being nice... If the email pop-up will work..
                                  that would be fine... If not... then just the
                                  email address and the RDA # (706) 613-2770....
                                  The # to Order the CD 800-664-5638 And Georgia
                                  Task Force for the Homeless (706)
                                  549-4044...No Address..

woozle     12/13/02 10:26 PM Let me try the email on mine -- I suspect it
                                  is your machine(s) config problem...

Bubba      12/13/02 10:29 PM 
                                  Bubba's doesn't do it either...but I guess
                                  they could both be fup-duck...Did it work on
                                  Then, the lyrics... but they wouldn't have to
                                  go up tonight... anytime over the weekend
                                  would work and if they are a whole lot of
                                  trouble to get up there we can just have them
                                  email us and we'll send them in a word doc or
                                  something...  The sound clips are what I'm
                                  waiting for to push "send" for... So... in the
                                  morning... I'll check the site and if they're
                                  up... we'll be set... 

woozle     12/13/02 10:29 PM am still messing with the CD & cd audio pages

woozle     12/13/02 10:54 PM ok, those pages are set for now... will deal
                                  with lyrix later, and I should see how
                                  difficult it is to stream MP3s...

woozle     12/13/02 10:55 PM also, the mailto: link works fine on my
                                  system; pops up a Mozilla Mail compose-mail
                                  window, addressed to info@redistribution.org.

woozle     12/13/02 10:55 PM Gonna resume upload & go to sleepyland.

Bubba      12/13/02 10:59 PM Thank you... and Goodnight!  Hey wouldn' t
                                  that make a nice name for a CD?

woozle     12/13/02 11:00 PM final evening thot for B: did you look for
                                  MJ-64-L (Pegasus) in the _other_ MT06 (in my
                                  office)? I guess I was supposed to send you a
                                  manifest for MT06... remind me tomorry.

woozle     12/13/02 11:01 PM (Yes, that is a neat title... Where's Anita so
                                  we can ask her if she'd like to promote it for
                                  us? (The Atlanta Anita))

woozle     12/13/02 11:01 PM (ha ha)

Bubba      12/13/02 11:01 PM tsk... yeah... and I'll tell B. about the
                                  question... Goodnight...