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Thursday, December 12, 2002 (#346)
Wednesday Thursday Friday
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  • what: log of ICQ conversation between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      12/12/02 9:05 AM  mornin

Bubba      12/12/02 9:42 AM  hey

woozle     12/12/02 9:51 AM  yo

Bubba      12/12/02 9:51 AM  howadee

woozle     12/12/02 9:52 AM  just went out and collected some fallen
                                  wood... cedar logs and stuff for wreaths and a
                                  big ol' section of oak, about 2 ft across

Bubba      12/12/02 9:52 AM  can you transfer funds from BB&T to ST via

woozle     12/12/02 9:52 AM  (wanted to get it before the yard waste
                                  cleanup gets to it)

Bubba      12/12/02 9:53 AM  kewl

woozle     12/12/02 9:53 AM  transfer: not quickly

woozle     12/12/02 9:53 AM  S worked out a way, I think... she's out
                                  scouting the grounds

Bubba      12/12/02 9:53 AM  was the oak from the storm?

woozle     12/12/02 9:53 AM  all of it, y

Bubba      12/12/02 9:53 AM  sweet

woozle     12/12/02 9:53 AM  huge piles of stuff every 10-20 ft by the

Bubba      12/12/02 9:54 AM  wow

woozle     12/12/02 9:54 AM  well, ok, the huge piles are further
                                  between... but the street is lined with piles
                                  of fallen stuff.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:54 AM  were trees felled into the roads in many

woozle     12/12/02 9:54 AM  yes

woozle     12/12/02 9:55 AM  when we first arrived on Sunday, I drove
                                  across at least 3 or 4 downed power lines

woozle     12/12/02 9:55 AM  the next street over was blocked at both ends

Bubba      12/12/02 9:55 AM  that and ice while driving is just like a
                                  dangerous video game

woozle     12/12/02 9:55 AM  the crews are still working in places... a lot
                                  of people still don't have power

Bubba      12/12/02 9:56 AM  potentiallity for a real life "Game Over" 

woozle     12/12/02 9:56 AM  one neighborhood I drove thru yesterday had
                                  temporary phone wires strung across the street
                                  -- on the ground

Bubba      12/12/02 9:56 AM  gotta talk

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 AM  w/moi?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:57 AM  phone lines across the street

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 AM  right

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 AM  communications especially important in an

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 AM  would you like a list of shirts to dig out?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:57 AM  A friend of mine in NY had a friend lose his
                                  life when a tree fell on his car whilst

woozle     12/12/02 9:58 AM  ouch

Bubba      12/12/02 9:58 AM  list - shure

woozle     12/12/02 9:58 AM  moment

Bubba      12/12/02 9:58 AM  it wasn't a quick death for him either

Bubba      12/12/02 9:58 AM  trapped and freezing till the end

woozle     12/12/02 9:58 AM  double ouch

Bubba      12/12/02 9:59 AM  shitty way to go fer sure

Bubba      12/12/02 9:59 AM  we have an ICM message from Card Center

Bubba      12/12/02 10:00 AM I gotta run over to Juliet's to get some stuff
                                  here in a minnit

Bubba      12/12/02 10:01 AM nevermind the message as it was 0 seconds

woozle     12/12/02 10:02 AM was compiling list in icq, but have moved it
                                  to notepad

woozle     12/12/02 10:02 AM CardCenter: hmm... I should check for any new

woozle     12/12/02 10:02 AM Normally they don't call us about those,

Bubba      12/12/02 10:03 AM is Card Center Card Service?

Bubba      12/12/02 10:03 AM re:chargebacks and such

woozle     12/12/02 10:03 AM I _think_ so... but who knows. Did it have a
                                  phone #?

Bubba      12/12/02 10:03 AM 515 226 4990

woozle     12/12/02 10:04 AM hmm... I think if it were CardService, it
                                  would show an 800 #

Bubba      12/12/02 10:04 AM rt

woozle     12/12/02 10:04 AM May be a credit card co trying to sell us a

Bubba      12/12/02 10:04 AM rt

Bubba      12/12/02 10:04 AM I'm gonna run 

Bubba      12/12/02 10:05 AM so I can get back to pull shirts and get them
                                  in the mail before the PO closes

woozle     12/12/02 10:05 AM k drv sfly

Bubba      12/12/02 10:05 AM rt o

Bubba      12/12/02 10:07 AM anything before I go?

woozle     12/12/02 10:07 AM MT01 < Trailer 3
                                      MT-CT-07-L The Sentinels (Large T-shirt)
                                      LB-11712-TLS/L Water Dragon (Large
                                  Longsleeve T-shirt)
                                  MT07 < XX Gone XX (i.e. we had it, good luck
                                  finding it)
                                      MT-AJ-080-L Leaf Fairy (Large T-shirt)
                                  LB02 < XX Gone XX (ditto)
                                      LB-11344-2X/TD 30th Anniversary (2x eXtra
                                  Large - tie-dye T-shirt)
                                  SHIRTS01 < XX Gone XX (")
                                      LB-31732-2X/BLK Dragon Catcher (2x eXtra
                                  Large - black T-shirt)
                                      LB-31153-1X/BLK Indian Bear (eXtra Large -
                                  black T-shirt)
                                  2002-N02 < Trailer 3
                                      LB-31760-2X/BLK Winged Warrior (2x eXtra
                                  Large - black T-shirt)
                                  2002-N06 < Top of Piano
                                      MT-MJ-64-L Pegasus (Large T-shirt)
                                  2002-GDB01 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-66081 Frosted (GD Bean Bear)
                                  2002-N08 < Top of Piano
                                      LB-11354-1X Rasta Steal Your Face (eXtra
                                  Large T-shirt)
                                      ZR-BOB-1217-TLS/L Exodus (Large Longsleeve
                                  MT06 < Top of Piano
                                      MT-AJ-103-L Night Watch (Large T-shirt)

woozle     12/12/02 10:07 AM but that's probably not what you meant ;-)

Bubba      12/12/02 10:07 AM do you have that which you need for Lynne's

Bubba      12/12/02 10:08 AM I'll pull these when I get back

woozle     12/12/02 10:08 AM Nothing urgent... I guess we'll talk w/Juliet
                                  about funding possibilities early 2003?

woozle     12/12/02 10:08 AM I haven't seen Lynne's email yet; it may be

Bubba      12/12/02 10:09 AM she did say she was having trouble sending it.
                                   I'll check her sent mail and get the
                                  attatchments and FTP them so you can get them
                                  as needed

woozle     12/12/02 10:09 AM k

Bubba      12/12/02 10:10 AM I b bk

woozle     12/12/02 10:10 AM k

Bubba      12/12/02 10:35 AM well I'm still here

Bubba      12/12/02 10:36 AM Jeremy is gonn bring the stuff here on his
                                  lunch break

Bubba      12/12/02 10:36 AM so I can just go pull shirts.

Bubba      12/12/02 10:36 AM I b bk

woozle     12/12/02 11:02 AM spriffly

woozle     12/12/02 11:04 AM If a customer wants to call to ask questions,
                                  what # should I give them?

Bubba      12/12/02 11:07 AM 0474

woozle     12/12/02 11:08 AM k

Bubba      12/12/02 11:08 AM have been training Cimmeria to answer and
                                  bring me the phone

woozle     12/12/02 11:08 AM arf arf

Bubba      12/12/02 11:08 AM using mute for hold

woozle     12/12/02 11:08 AM sounds like a good procedure

Bubba      12/12/02 11:09 AM kewl

Bubba      12/12/02 11:09 AM people want people helping people 

Bubba      12/12/02 11:11 AM we have a message from LB about a customer
                                  that wants to buy Star Wars shirts from us

woozle     12/12/02 11:11 AM retail qtys or in bulk?

Bubba      12/12/02 11:11 AM don't know. calling now. is in the 706 area

woozle     12/12/02 11:12 AM cool

Bubba      12/12/02 11:12 AM we have another order from Maria Kamar here in

woozle     12/12/02 11:14 AM another new one, or just the one new one where
                                  she's wondering if we can get them to her by

Bubba      12/12/02 11:14 AM by xmas

woozle     12/12/02 11:16 AM I just searched for any orders with the word
                                  "cancel" in them, and only found that one from
                                  Ann Foster (cc:ed you) -- as far as you know,
                                  has anyone cancelled ZR items in the last 1.5
                                  weeks or so?

Bubba      12/12/02 11:16 AM not to my know ledge

woozle     12/12/02 11:17 AM k... got 4 more cards to process, then gotta
                                  go grab some launch

Bubba      12/12/02 11:17 AM status of D5093 in question by the customer

woozle     12/12/02 11:17 AM I marked it as cancelled for now, but said
                                  that she could make changes and reactivate it;
                                  we could call her, she could call us...

Bubba      12/12/02 11:18 AM the Foster order?

woozle     12/12/02 11:19 AM y... oh, 5093 is different... ok...

woozle     12/12/02 11:19 AM will get to that when I go thru my emails for

Bubba      12/12/02 11:20 AM get to what? This was a phone message that
                                  asked someone (me) to call them back.

woozle     12/12/02 11:20 AM oh, ok. Thot you meant an email.

Bubba      12/12/02 11:21 AM my bad. lack of clarity there

Bubba      12/12/02 11:22 AM Las Cruces also phone message

woozle     12/12/02 11:23 AM kmp if anything needs cancelling

woozle     12/12/02 11:23 AM or changes made, whatever...

Bubba      12/12/02 11:23 AM soy ten lee

Bubba      12/12/02 11:23 AM email and phone?

woozle     12/12/02 11:25 AM email, with optional supplementary icq to
                                  alert me to changes

Bubba      12/12/02 11:25 AM NM- D4838

woozle     12/12/02 11:26 AM whubbouttit?

Bubba      12/12/02 11:26 AM she wants to know the status

Bubba      12/12/02 11:26 AM these are shirts I don't have info on

woozle     12/12/02 11:27 AM LB Banjo, XL... checking stock...

woozle     12/12/02 11:27 AM all I see is 2X

woozle     12/12/02 11:27 AM will be ordering soon, should be able to get
                                  to her by xmas, let us know if she needs it

Bubba      12/12/02 11:28 AM you have her email address and she didn't ask
                                  for a call like the other.  Is he the same

woozle     12/12/02 11:29 AM (batch: $142)

Bubba      12/12/02 11:29 AM sweet

woozle     12/12/02 11:29 AM you need contact info for D4838?

Bubba      12/12/02 11:32 AM seems it would take less time to email her
                                  directly and say that which you've just told
                                  me, but, if I must, sure why not 

Bubba      12/12/02 11:32 AM if you're that swamped, I'm happy to help

woozle     12/12/02 11:33 AM Yes, swamped... email extremely sluggish.
                                  Finding contact info...

woozle     12/12/02 11:34 AM nefertiticmm@msn.com
                                  ...and I always start the email by forwarding
                                  her original order notification email, with
                                  the message above it. That way the order
                                  number is automatically in the subject and the
                                  order info is there for easy ref.

woozle     12/12/02 11:34 AM And, in fact, if you find the order, you can
                                  just "reply" to it -- that will go to her

Bubba      12/12/02 11:35 AM rt o

Bubba      12/12/02 11:36 AM had to dip for a minnit, Adrian was crying
                                  because his mother had gone to work and he
                                  didn't get to say goodbye

woozle     12/12/02 11:39 AM awww.

woozle     12/12/02 11:39 AM printing packing slips

Bubba      12/12/02 11:39 AM kewl

Bubba      12/12/02 11:39 AM it is kinda precious

Bubba      12/12/02 11:42 AM ok one more time w/feeling...

Bubba      12/12/02 11:42 AM I'm off to pull shirts

woozle     12/12/02 11:45 AM k

Bubba      12/12/02 5:57 PM  ok the list reads
                                  a little slower than most 

woozle     12/12/02 5:58 PM  remedial speed-reading classes, perhaps

Bubba      12/12/02 5:58 PM  CT07
                                  Bob 1217

woozle     12/12/02 5:59 PM  those r what u pulled for shipment?

Bubba      12/12/02 5:59 PM  we have an indian bear but it is a large not
                                  an xl

woozle     12/12/02 5:59 PM  o well

Bubba      12/12/02 6:00 PM  2002-N06 no Pegasus L

Bubba      12/12/02 6:01 PM  I've seen Dragon Catcher lately

Bubba      12/12/02 6:01 PM  you sure it didn't make it up there?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:01 PM  thot it was in a box that was in the piano

woozle     12/12/02 6:01 PM  inventory says N06 has a Pegasus L in it -- is
                                  it there in any other size?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:02 PM  none at all

woozle     12/12/02 6:02 PM  mysterious.

woozle     12/12/02 6:02 PM  Is N06 still in the piano room, or did it get
                                  moved back to the trailer?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:02 PM  CT07 M is the oly one I've pulled out besides
                                  ones listed that we needed.

Bubba      12/12/02 6:03 PM  trailer

woozle     12/12/02 6:03 PM  any inventoried boxes still in the piano rm

Bubba      12/12/02 6:03 PM  will have to look

Bubba      12/12/02 6:06 PM  just SW and wild cotton

Bubba      12/12/02 6:07 PM  think you got all the mt

Bubba      12/12/02 6:07 PM  I've seen Leaf Fairy lately also

woozle     12/12/02 6:07 PM  DragCatch: that's the only entry I see for it.
                                  If it were up here, it would be waiting to be
                                  inventoried or it would be in there already

woozle     12/12/02 6:08 PM  I've got one rack of shirts to inventory,
                                  gonna do that tonight iffen the crik dont rahs

Bubba      12/12/02 6:08 PM  rhasin criks kin bee trechrous

woozle     12/12/02 6:08 PM  mity

Bubba      12/12/02 6:09 PM  I don't see Frosted in the boxes that are in
                                  the PR

woozle     12/12/02 6:10 PM  PR?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:10 PM  we have 2 dozen I think

Bubba      12/12/02 6:10 PM  Piano Room

woozle     12/12/02 6:10 PM  it's not in the box the list said?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:12 PM  I didn't look for it in the trailer, duh, I
                                  thought because I didn't see it in the Piano
                                  Room it'd been reboxed but there are boxes
                                  that just say bears in the trailer

Bubba      12/12/02 6:12 PM  guess I got closure and didn't even look for

Bubba      12/12/02 6:12 PM  I'll check it in the morn

Bubba      12/12/02 6:14 PM  Did Beverly Kahn's Contrast Stitch hat make it
                                  in this order?

woozle     12/12/02 6:15 PM  yes

Bubba      12/12/02 6:15 PM  she is very upset w/us or was until I talked
                                  to her and told her that I'd check on it after
                                  explaining the power outage and stuff

woozle     12/12/02 6:15 PM  mailed it this afternoon... first class,
                                  probably, oh well.

Bubba      12/12/02 6:16 PM  Not in a Priority Cube?

woozle     12/12/02 6:16 PM  Whatever box the list said for Frosted will
                                  have at least one Frosted in it, but it might
                                  be only one -- stuck in the corner or

woozle     12/12/02 6:16 PM  Priority Cube -- no, I found a regler box.
                                  Didn't know she was upset yet.

Bubba      12/12/02 6:17 PM  Probly only add a day to the trip any way

woozle     12/12/02 6:17 PM  Yeah, I woulda paid for Pri if it was gonna be
                                  more than 3 days

Bubba      12/12/02 6:17 PM  rt kewl

Bubba      12/12/02 6:18 PM  guvnah

Bubba      12/12/02 6:18 PM  Golf Gear in the store yet?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:18 PM  ;-)

woozle     12/12/02 6:19 PM  laffa while-a you can, monkey boy

Bubba      12/12/02 6:19 PM  extrapolate?

woozle     12/12/02 6:19 PM  you obviously need more Vitamin BB (Buckaroo
                                  Banzai) in your diet... you didn't recognize
                                  that quote the last time, either. ;-)

Bubba      12/12/02 6:21 PM  gess sew

Bubba      12/12/02 6:21 PM  were you able to find the .doc's from L?

woozle     12/12/02 6:22 PM  haven't looked yet in email... did you ftp?

Bubba      12/12/02 6:22 PM  not yet 

Bubba      12/12/02 6:22 PM  will go do

Bubba      12/12/02 6:45 PM  the lyrics are there. 

woozle     12/12/02 7:20 PM  k

Bubba      12/12/02 7:26 PM  whu hoppinnd?

woozle     12/12/02 7:32 PM  ?

Bubba      12/12/02 7:39 PM  dunno, somewhere around the BB thing the
                                  energy got sucked out into the cosmos.  Kinda
                                  like the giant maid w/the vaccuum in Space

woozle     12/12/02 7:40 PM  hadn't noticed. I had to go make some supper,
                                  but I'm back.

Bubba      12/12/02 7:40 PM  k

Bubba      12/12/02 7:42 PM  it appears that we have 2 mt-06 boxes.  1 in
                                  the trailer and 1 in your room

Bubba      12/12/02 7:43 PM  no wait that is no6 and the one in your room
                                  is mt06

Bubba      12/12/02 7:43 PM  mt06 has 2 pegasus 1xl 1xx

woozle     12/12/02 7:45 PM  that's odd. I thot I recycled the old MT06 to
                                  make the new one. Do either of them have
                                  red-bordered "INVENTORY CONTROL" tags on them?

Bubba      12/12/02 7:46 PM  the one in the trailer

woozle     12/12/02 7:46 PM  (As far as I know, the one in my room is _not_
                                  actual inventory at present.)

woozle     12/12/02 7:46 PM  Maybe that was an older MT06 that I
                                  decommissioned. I don't remember. I shoulda
                                  crossed out the MT06 if it wasn't inventory

Bubba      12/12/02 7:47 PM  and add aj103 to the pulled list

Bubba      12/12/02 7:47 PM  from the box in the room

woozle     12/12/02 7:48 PM  ok... did I list that as XX Gone XX or in a
                                  current box?

Bubba      12/12/02 7:48 PM  MT06<Top of Piano>

Bubba      12/12/02 7:48 PM  </Top of piano>

woozle     12/12/02 7:48 PM  hmm... sounds like that box needs to be

Bubba      12/12/02 7:49 PM  why?

woozle     12/12/02 7:49 PM  If I've been calling two diff boxes MT06

Bubba      12/12/02 7:50 PM  ahhh  and it has things w/same designs

woozle     12/12/02 7:50 PM  and the one where the actual shirt was isn't
                                  the one that seemed to be the genuine article

Bubba      12/12/02 7:50 PM  ?

woozle     12/12/02 7:51 PM  tho I suppose the one in the trailer could be
                                  the OLD MT06... but I didn't think I'd
                                  labelled any new boxes that way unless I came
                                  across the old box. <scratching of head>

Bubba      12/12/02 7:51 PM  let me get clear on numbers in the morning. 
                                  I'll catalog boxes and cross reference w/your

Bubba      12/12/02 7:51 PM  just box #'s being used 

woozle     12/12/02 7:51 PM  right. In any case, we need to know what's in

Bubba      12/12/02 7:52 PM  rt

Bubba      12/12/02 7:53 PM  I'll get a list of boxes, you send me a list
                                  of what's in each box and I'll do a rough run
                                  through of each and get a sysnopsis of the

woozle     12/12/02 7:53 PM  k

Bubba      12/12/02 7:53 PM  did that make sense

woozle     12/12/02 7:53 PM  More or less... not sure what's the quickest
                                  way to get you a list...

woozle     12/12/02 7:54 PM  probly a query

Bubba      12/12/02 7:55 PM  can you generate a list of <ul> in html fairly
                                  easily to FTP for our eyes only for now and
                                  then make it the instock page?

woozle     12/12/02 7:55 PM  I don't yet have the scripter module hooked up
                                  to the stock db

Bubba      12/12/02 7:55 PM  rt o

Bubba      12/12/02 7:57 PM  the shirt "Night Watch" is teh one we have to
                                  send back 

woozle     12/12/02 7:57 PM  with the vertical streak?

Bubba      12/12/02 7:57 PM  that we took out of the bag that day at #3

Bubba      12/12/02 7:58 PM  think so VS

woozle     12/12/02 7:58 PM  which I found in #1 originally

Bubba      12/12/02 7:58 PM  rt

woozle     12/12/02 8:09 PM  when you send me lists of stuff you pulled,
                                  plz include size and (optimally) which box
                                  they came from -- else I have to go cross-ref
                                  with the original list I sent

woozle     12/12/02 8:09 PM  too much guesswork

Bubba      12/12/02 8:10 PM  thot you'da had a list that would have
                                  duplicated mine somewhere to just check off
                                  the ones I was able to pull till they are all
                                  in the DB

woozle     12/12/02 8:11 PM  had to edit the list to condense it down
                                  before I sent it

woozle     12/12/02 8:11 PM  didn't save it

woozle     12/12/02 8:11 PM  have the original and am cross-correlating now

woozle     12/12/02 8:11 PM  but as I said, is extra work

woozle     12/12/02 8:11 PM  you could just copy/paste the lines from my
                                  msg for the ones you pulled

Bubba      12/12/02 8:12 PM  hold on I can cut and paste from the word doc
                                  I did it as so I could print it to take w/

Bubba      12/12/02 8:12 PM  have a hard time copying from the history

woozle     12/12/02 8:12 PM  y, it's ugly...

woozle     12/12/02 8:12 PM  never mind for this time

Bubba      12/12/02 8:13 PM  u sure?

woozle     12/12/02 8:13 PM  I'm halfway thru the 6 you sent

Bubba      12/12/02 8:13 PM  k

woozle     12/12/02 8:13 PM  will send you my list to verity

woozle     12/12/02 8:13 PM  verify

Bubba      12/12/02 8:13 PM  k

woozle     12/12/02 8:15 PM  MT-AJ-03 -- did you mean AJ-103? Night Watch?

woozle     12/12/02 8:16 PM  oh, my mistype

woozle     12/12/02 8:16 PM  you did say 103 originally

Bubba      12/12/02 8:16 PM  yes
                                     CT07 L
                                     LB11712 LS/L
                                     LB31760 XX
                                     LB11354 XL
                                     ZR Bob1217 LS/L

woozle     12/12/02 8:16 PM  but the one you pulled is not the one with the
                                  defect, right?

Bubba      12/12/02 8:16 PM  rt

Bubba      12/12/02 8:16 PM  and is the last on the list

Bubba      12/12/02 8:17 PM  I'm sure I saw a 30th Anniv. in the trailer

woozle     12/12/02 8:17 PM  so we have 2 MT06 boxes, one in trailer & one
                                  in my room?

woozle     12/12/02 8:17 PM  Are they both neatly stacked, or are the
                                  shirts kinda thrown loosely into either one?

Bubba      12/12/02 8:18 PM  is what I'm checking on in the morning.  both
                                  looked packed

woozle     12/12/02 8:18 PM  And here's my list --
                                  CT-07-L from MT01
                                  LB-11712-TLS/L from MT01
                                  LB-31760-2X from N02
                                  11354-1X from N08
                                  ZR-Bob-1217-TLS/L from N08
                                  MT-aj-103-L (from "MT06" box in my office)

Bubba      12/12/02 8:19 PM  yup

woozle     12/12/02 8:20 PM  looks like they match, except you didn't
                                  mention the AJ103 in your list. Ok, will pull
                                  those from those...

Bubba      12/12/02 8:20 PM  said it was the last on the list after you
                                  asking me if that was what I meant

woozle     12/12/02 8:21 PM  rt

Bubba      12/12/02 8:21 PM  just not an official numbering like the rest

Bubba      12/12/02 8:21 PM  you're rt

Bubba      12/12/02 8:24 PM  144 hrs approx and counting

woozle     12/12/02 8:25 PM  until Two Towers?

Bubba      12/12/02 8:25 PM  you're good

woozle     12/12/02 8:27 PM  Mel is obsessed too... he's seeing it once in
                                  Indiana, on opening nite, before coming home,
                                  and then again at 11pm after arriving in NC
                                  (opening night still) -- he made S get an
                                  advance ticket

Bubba      12/12/02 8:27 PM  didn't know advance tickets were available

woozle     12/12/02 8:28 PM  only in person

Bubba      12/12/02 8:29 PM  so if I go to the theater and if they have
                                  them I can get them?

Bubba      12/12/02 8:29 PM  if I have the money

woozle     12/12/02 8:30 PM  it may depend on the theater, but at the
                                  Carmike here -- yes. Was $7.50, I think. Might
                                  be a matinee for $5, or may only be an evening
                                  thing cuz it's new.

Bubba      12/12/02 8:30 PM  I'll go tomorrow

woozle     12/12/02 8:31 PM  gut luq

Bubba      12/12/02 8:31 PM  may run up there tonight

woozle     12/12/02 8:31 PM  k

Bubba      12/12/02 8:32 PM  L will be here in about 5 minutes and is gonna
                                  ask if anything happened on the site and I'm
                                  gonna say......?

woozle     12/12/02 8:32 PM  If I get done inventorying, I will look at it

Bubba      12/12/02 8:34 PM  you know she'll say that we've made it this
                                  far w/o inv. so why now instead.  

Bubba      12/12/02 8:35 PM  he says as the Jeep rumbles and rolls to a
                                  stop in the front yard

woozle     12/12/02 8:35 PM  cuz we need to get cash in the bank asap so we
                                  can order stuff in time for xmas. Major Crunch
                                  Time, and (use your discretion about whether
                                  to remind her of this) it wasn't terribly good
                                  planning to plan work on the CD this close to
                                  xmas, again. Once was enough.

woozle     12/12/02 8:36 PM  (I won't say "where's the check" cuz I know
                                  what she'll say back... but that's the _other_
                                  response that comes into my head.)

Bubba      12/12/02 8:36 PM  ohkay

woozle     12/12/02 8:36 PM  brb

woozle     12/12/02 8:43 PM  ...and the inventory _was_ always this urgent,
                                  but the counting of it was not within my
                                  powers because it wasn't here to count... but,
                                  counterpoint to "where's the check" is "it's
                                  about the music", which goes a long way
                                  towards keeping me from chafing about it.
                                  Which is why I've been helping with the CD
                                  stuff without complaining -- but don't push
                                  me, is all I ask.  brb again...

woozle     12/12/02 8:48 PM  bk

woozle     12/12/02 9:01 PM  wtherpooh time. backinabitl.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:06 PM  kewl

woozle     12/12/02 9:28 PM  bak(sun)

Bubba      12/12/02 9:28 PM  WB

woozle     12/12/02 9:28 PM  thx

Bubba      12/12/02 9:28 PM  can people hear you fart in cyberspace?

woozle     12/12/02 9:29 PM  only if you fart so much that you create an
                                  atmosphere, however temporarily

Bubba      12/12/02 9:29 PM  Smellavision - A double edged sword, next on

woozle     12/12/02 9:33 PM  when they showed coverage of political events,
                                  it would be easier to tell which ones were

Bubba      12/12/02 9:34 PM  eeeewwwwwwwwwww

woozle     12/12/02 9:34 PM  that was a stinker?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:35 PM  you are a master of Kung p'yew

woozle     12/12/02 9:36 PM  I am Chef d'Odeur

Bubba      12/12/02 9:37 PM  enough w/the stank ass jokes L is asking for a
                                  priority to be the 2 sound clips to be added
                                  to right below the pic of the bridge beds in
                                  place of the coming soon verbage

woozle     12/12/02 9:37 PM  I've got about a dozen shirts to put in, then
                                  I'll work on that

Bubba      12/12/02 9:38 PM  and stank ass jokes are all consuming for me
                                  so I can't do SAJ while listening to her

woozle     12/12/02 9:38 PM  your choice seems clear

Bubba      12/12/02 9:39 PM  do you think that just the pipe from Bob Dobbs
                                  would be recognizable if it was embroidered on
                                  a hat?

woozle     12/12/02 9:39 PM  iffy

woozle     12/12/02 9:39 PM  is Bob Dobbs trademarked?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:39 PM  I don't know

Bubba      12/12/02 9:40 PM  The word BOB rotated 90\BA left w/the pipe
                                  coming out of the O

woozle     12/12/02 9:41 PM  might work... but is it worth the effort? You
                                  could do the fish with the pipe coming out,
                                  eating the word truth, and I'm pretty sure
                                  that wouldn't cause a copyright issue.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:43 PM  draw it up and I'll send it to Linn  we talked
                                  about doing BOB w/pipe in the the fish shape
                                  as a metal car emblem.  hats might go faster
                                  to start 

woozle     12/12/02 9:44 PM  I think the fish shape / pipe would work as a
                                  hat, too. Either with the word "Bob" inside
                                  (possibly in Greek lettering) or eating Truth.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:45 PM  this is good

Bubba      12/12/02 9:49 PM  of course after the coughers allow

woozle     12/12/02 9:49 PM  cough cough

Bubba      12/12/02 9:49 PM  you forgot to turn your head

woozle     12/12/02 9:49 PM  we only lost about $100 in November, in spite
                                  of them bears -- that seems good to me

Bubba      12/12/02 9:49 PM  are you saying we should do this?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:50 PM  that aint bad

woozle     12/12/02 9:50 PM  I'll know in mid-to-late Jan. what the
                                  post-xmas situ is

Bubba      12/12/02 9:50 PM  are the bears in the store yet?

woozle     12/12/02 9:50 PM  notchet... was uploading when disc went down.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:50 PM  rt

woozle     12/12/02 9:51 PM  I haven't yet got the laptop set up to run
                                  scripts, tho it's close. That would be
                                  tomorrow or this weekend.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:51 PM  kmp

woozle     12/12/02 9:52 PM  my queue, as I see it:
                                  1. Finish inventory
                                  2. CD pages for Lynne
                                  3. Ship anything we have in stock for orders &
                                  get cash flowing.
                                  4. Rebuild pages, with special attention
                                  towards moving new plush bears.

Bubba      12/12/02 9:53 PM  new plush bears and golf clubs?

woozle     12/12/02 9:53 PM  Somewhere in there I need to contact Stacy
                                  Jouppi and confirm if she wants one each, and
                                  anything else she might be interested in

Bubba      12/12/02 9:53 PM  kewl

woozle     12/12/02 9:53 PM  Golf clubs could happen... would be fastest if
                                  you could send me text listing of what needs
                                  to go into the catalog

Bubba      12/12/02 9:54 PM  ?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:54 PM  thot I did that

woozle     12/12/02 9:55 PM  what to call it (title), list of options
                                  for each option: cost, price, est. shipping
                                  cost to us

Bubba      12/12/02 9:55 PM  all the cross ref stuff

woozle     12/12/02 9:55 PM  I mean, break it down -- extract it from the
                                  surrounding document or whatever, and format
                                  it so I can just enter it in to the db with
                                  minimal thinkage.

woozle     12/12/02 9:56 PM  cross-ref?

Bubba      12/12/02 9:56 PM  turn each possible combo into a line item

woozle     12/12/02 9:56 PM  y

Bubba      12/12/02 9:57 PM  thot that's what the software was for.

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 PM  I don't actually need the info repeated on
                                  each line

Bubba      12/12/02 9:57 PM  thot we just gave it the variables

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 PM  I just need to know where the break points are

woozle     12/12/02 9:57 PM  everything we sell has a "title", e.g. every
                                  shirt has a title

woozle     12/12/02 9:58 PM  every title is available in one or more
                                  varieties (sometimes it's one variety per
                                  title, so no options needed)

woozle     12/12/02 9:58 PM  with the golf clubs, I'm not sure which things
                                  are same title w/ diff options, and which are
                                  diff. titles

Bubba      12/12/02 9:59 PM  like 
                                  Head size-
                                  300, 325 cc
                                  9\BA, 10\BA, 11\BA
                                  Shaft Flex - 

woozle     12/12/02 9:59 PM  it has to do with whether the differences are
                                  minor, like size/color/hardness(?), or are
                                  truly a different design

woozle     12/12/02 10:00 PM yeah, kinda... except, if (to invent an
                                  example) the GolfStar series all have 9-degree
                                  loft and the TurfLifter series all have
                                  11-degree loft, we don't need to list those as
                                  options; they can be in the description.

woozle     12/12/02 10:00 PM Am I making sense?

Bubba      12/12/02 10:00 PM not really

Bubba      12/12/02 10:00 PM no

woozle     12/12/02 10:01 PM We need to break down the items in a way that
                                  makes sense to the shopper.

woozle     12/12/02 10:01 PM Ok, here's one good criterion -- if one
                                  picture can be used for a group of items, then
                                  they're just options for the same title.

Bubba      12/12/02 10:02 PM that is what we have w/Golf Gear

woozle     12/12/02 10:02 PM If you really need different pictures, they're
                                  probably different titles (in the past, we've
                                  shown multiple pictures and let the shopper
                                  correlate the pictures with the options --
                                  XL-red, XL-yellow, that sort of thing -- but
                                  I'm moving away from that for various reasons)

Bubba      12/12/02 10:03 PM we'll be offering a menu of custom options

woozle     12/12/02 10:03 PM So what I need from you is something like this
                                     option (cost/price/sh)
                                     option (cost/price/sh)
                                  Another Title
                                  (etc. more titles as needed)

Bubba      12/12/02 10:07 PM Tsunami9\BA 
                                  340cc  $225/$349/$20 overnight
                                  360cc  $225/$349/$20 overnight

Bubba      12/12/02 10:07 PM space between i and 9

woozle     12/12/02 10:08 PM ok, so there's a club called the Tsunami
                                  9-degree, with two options -- 340cc and 360cc.
                                  Am I interpreting correctly so far?

Bubba      12/12/02 10:09 PM rt, actually 300, 340 and 400

woozle     12/12/02 10:09 PM ok.... are there other Tsunamis?

Bubba      12/12/02 10:09 PM was just doing tye layout as I understand it

woozle     12/12/02 10:09 PM Or is Tsu always 9-degree?

woozle     12/12/02 10:10 PM (I'm just checking to make sure the layout is
                                  right -- it looks good so far)

Bubba      12/12/02 10:10 PM 9\BA, 10\BA, 11\BA and yes there are Fairway woods,
                                  Kids, Ladies and Putters

woozle     12/12/02 10:11 PM Would you say the 10 and 11 models should use
                                  differnt pix, or the same pic?

Bubba      12/12/02 10:11 PM same

Bubba      12/12/02 10:11 PM except for the head on pic

woozle     12/12/02 10:12 PM hmm

woozle     12/12/02 10:12 PM so we could have a close-up on the head for
                                  the thumbnail, mebbe... and count Tsunami 9 as
                                  one title, Tsunami 10 as another...

Bubba      12/12/02 10:13 PM rt the .st and the alt text would be different

Bubba      12/12/02 10:13 PM after that the images are the same

woozle     12/12/02 10:13 PM sounds workable

Bubba      12/12/02 10:14 PM the 300 and the 400 are called deep face 

Bubba      12/12/02 10:14 PM 300cc DF is 8\BA and the 400cc DF is 9\BA

woozle     12/12/02 10:15 PM for the .sm and .lg, you could have both the
                                  head and a full view (one pic each)

Bubba      12/12/02 10:15 PM take a look at what I have there already

woozle     12/12/02 10:16 PM I'll use what you've got

Bubba      12/12/02 10:17 PM I'll work on the list and Lis begging

woozle     12/12/02 10:18 PM I'll have to do the CD first thing tomorrow,
                                  but I've been getting up around 7

Bubba      12/12/02 10:20 PM She sent out packages to people who will get
                                  them in the morning and they're big money
                                  people so she is really tweaking.  Can you put
                                  the sound clips on the page before you turn in
                                  for the night

woozle     12/12/02 10:20 PM What I have is MP3s

Bubba      12/12/02 10:21 PM isn't that what we want?

woozle     12/12/02 10:21 PM At least, that's what I think I have. Let me
                                  see what I actually have. That wouldn't be
                                  clips; they're the full song in each case.

woozle     12/12/02 10:21 PM And they aren't streamable in their current
                                  form; people would have to download the file
                                  and then play it.

Bubba      12/12/02 10:22 PM ???

Bubba      12/12/02 10:22 PM I don't know what to do.  suggestions

woozle     12/12/02 10:23 PM I'm looking for the MP3s. One moment. (Or

Bubba      12/12/02 10:23 PM k

woozle     12/12/02 10:28 PM Be it noted that I understood Saturday was the
                                  deadline. I can't seem to find the MP3s on the
                                  spur of the moment, but I have the WAVs (I
                                  think) and S has the encoder on her computer,
                                  so I can start them encoding tonight and
                                  upload them tomorrow morning.

woozle     12/12/02 10:29 PM And it should go without saying that abrupt
                                  schedule advances lead to stuff not getting
                                  done properly or on time.

woozle     12/12/02 10:31 PM It hasn't been reinstalled on hers either. We
                                  have the install image, so I should be able to
                                  set that up tomorrow a.m., and I've confirmed
                                  that the CD I found does contain the WAVs at
                                  44.1 kHz (which is what we need) and it only
                                  takes a few minutes to encode. So tomorrow.

woozle     12/12/02 10:32 PM Must go up now or it will be substantially
                                  later than 7 by the time I get up. G'night
                                  from Hollywood....

Bubba      12/12/02 10:33 PM Lynne, here.  I realize that with all that was
                                  going on here last weekend... that it may not
                                  have been clear... but I did say that the site
                                  was going out beginning Monday... this past
                                  Monday... and all of that has had to be put
                                  off.  That is why I was so upset... Clearly,
                                  there was no schedule set up with you because
                                  it was supposed to be Sven doing it... I only
                                  thought that you would have said that you
                                  weren't going to do it when you got home if
                                  you weren't going to so that I could have
                                  looked for someone else to do it... The streem
                                  stuff woould be great...
                                  To be continued...

woozle     12/12/02 10:34 PM well, doing the best we can what with the
                                  weather disaster and all.

woozle     12/12/02 10:34 PM tty both 2morrow.

Bubba      12/12/02 10:35 PM I think the rest is pretty simple...and not
                                  too time consuming... Again, I apologize if I
                                  was unclear and if I misunderstood you... I
                                  will be available first thing in the morning..
                                  Call on 4044 when you are going to begin and I
                                  can get on Bubba's computer to help with
                                  whatever I can do to help..
                                  Thanks.. Lynne