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Monday, December 9, 2002 (#343)
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On this day:

  • Woke up in cold house with the power still off. At least some of the schools were open; we ended up with one kid in the minivan as we drove around looking for a hotel. Finally, we got word of a hotel near the intersection of 54 and I-40) to which power had just been restored, and thus wasn't already full of refugees. Stayed the night there with the usual three bouncy kids. The power came back on at the house sometime during the afternoon, but we decided it was best to stay at the hotel anyway (for several reasons).

sent to the Woozletracker

(Nick typing on S's laptop, which is the only one we were able to charge in GA)

We're back in Durham, spent the night at Pinecrest because the hotel we supposedly had a reservation for hadn't received it because their fax was down. Bad system design on Travelocity's part, but we should have double-checked by phone -- meant to, but in the rush to get out we forgot... oh well...

Would have called someone to let them know what was going on, but Livia's number was busy and then S had some calls to make and by the time she got done I was deeply engrossed in trying to get three bouncy kids to go to sleep early in the cold and dark. Fun for all.

Seems likely there will be vacancies at any of several hotels we checked out this morning, so we will probably end up there tonight. Will try to send email from there, but don't be alarmed if it doesn't happen...

All for now,

W. & S. & co.


  • what: log of Bubba trying to contact Woozle via ICQ
Bubba      12/9/02  12:35 AM try to get the $98 for the cats in the bank
                                  today so it doesn't cause me any NSF's

Bubba      12/9/02  10:29 AM well? whuzzupp?