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Tuesday, December 3, 2002 (#337)
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  • what: ICQ conversation between Woozle and Bubba
Bubba      12/3/02  10:33 AM u bak?

woozle     12/3/02  10:33 AM ja

Bubba      12/3/02  10:34 AM k

Bubba      12/3/02  10:34 AM Adrian is hooked on Wallace and Grommet

woozle     12/3/02  10:34 AM heh

woozle     12/3/02  10:34 AM B & Z are too

Bubba      12/3/02  10:35 AM brb got to put on "The Wrong Trousers"

woozle     12/3/02  10:35 AM they play-act each of the characters
                                  (something they do for several other movies,
                                  incl. Ep1 and Gumby) -- Zander is Wallace and
                                  Benjy is Gromit

Bubba      12/3/02  10:40 AM benji has the serious dialog

woozle     12/3/02  10:41 AM more depth

woozle     12/3/02  10:41 AM much more character to portray

Bubba      12/3/02  10:41 AM rt

woozle     12/3/02  10:41 AM I believe Benjy uses The Method

woozle     12/3/02  10:42 AM which unfortunately usually involves whining
                                  insistently until he gets what he wants...

Bubba      12/3/02  10:43 AM just tell him to "Stop his whining, his momma
                                  coulda had a girl for that"

woozle     12/3/02  10:44 AM we have to give Benjy some slack -- don't
                                  forget who he inherited as a father...

woozle     12/3/02  10:44 AM I mean, you gotta feel sorry for someone,
                                  knowing they have those genes in them...

Bubba      12/3/02  10:45 AM not really

woozle     12/3/02  10:47 AM I'll tell him if he doesn't behave, we'll send
                                  him to live with Angela and Cimmeria for a

woozle     12/3/02  10:47 AM (both of them, at once, or else it might be
                                  too easy)

Bubba      12/3/02  10:48 AM threaten him w/a good time huh?

woozle     12/3/02  10:48 AM we'll lock him in a room with Adrian, where
                                  they can battle it out over who's the better

Bubba      12/3/02  10:49 AM rt so they can form an alliance

woozle     12/3/02  10:50 AM which will be puhhfekly ligall

Bubba      12/3/02  10:51 AM trade federation facist

woozle     12/3/02  10:51 AM I assure you, we have nothing to hide...

woozle     12/3/02  10:52 AM ...so there's no need for you to go looking
                                  behind these massive metal doors. Good day.

Bubba      12/3/02  10:52 AM why did they sound japanese?  Gungins were
                                  jamaican and the good guys were white

woozle     12/3/02  10:52 AM it's not PC to be too PC

Bubba      12/3/02  10:54 AM and EVERYONE in the entire universe speaks

woozle     12/3/02  10:55 AM Except a few rednecks like Watto

Bubba      12/3/02  10:56 AM Tridarians....you know I have to use the
                                  current logo as it is for hte 4 X 6 cards

Bubba      12/3/02  10:56 AM since I have no new one

Bubba      12/3/02  10:57 AM and those SW fonts are boring

woozle     12/3/02  10:57 AM if u must, u must... scanner is working, but
                                  I'm behind processing orders and answering
                                  customer svc email

Bubba      12/3/02  10:57 AM rt into my brain!  make them stop

Bubba      12/3/02  10:59 AM ok just sozeyano

woozle     12/3/02  11:00 AM eye nose

Bubba      12/3/02  11:00 AM the black and white hat is bitchin under
                                  blacklight.  Cimmeria says a lot of people
                                  commented on it in the club while she was near
                                  the black light. 

woozle     12/3/02  11:00 AM huh!

Bubba      12/3/02  11:01 AM so I hooked up mine and did a test and oh yeah
                                  VBZ jumps off the hat

woozle     12/3/02  11:02 AM well dats schpiffy

woozle     12/3/02  11:02 AM will be sure to try it up here when possible

Bubba      12/3/02  11:04 AM it has a wide white strip on the outer edge of
                                  the bill and the Trim of VBZ and the .net  The
                                  body of the VBZ is black so all you see is the
                                  outline of it.