2000-05-30 SvsG Emails

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{{{{{1}}} SvsG Messages||

09:14 from Nick

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:14:02 -0400
Message-Id: <0024998B.C22114spam@spamcarrier.utcspam.spamcom>
From: <Nick.Staddon-2023-05-30-21:55-spam@carrier.utcspam.com>
Subject: branestorm
To: Bubba <bubba-2023-05-30-21:55-spam@redhousespam.com>
Cc: me <nick-2023-05-30-21:55-spam@redhousespam.com>

We should set up a "push content" channel showing large close-ups of each of our t-shirts (and maybe some of the nicer CD covers), one at a time, approx. 10-60 seconds each, with a discrete "buy" button (or perhaps the button would only come up if you moved the mouse or pressed the any key). I don't know much about push technology yet, but I'd been trying to think how we could take advantage of it...