1998-06-22 SvsG emails

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1998 Messages


Staddon vs. Griever: SvsG Messages: 1998

12:47 from Lynne

Date: Monday, 22-Jun-98 12:47 PM
From: Bubba G.(bubba-2023-01-28-20:45-spam@redhousespam.com)
To: Nick Staddon(nick-2023-01-28-20:45-spam@redhousespam.com)
Subject: Re: requested response

Hey Nick! Thanx...I appreciate the time you took to respond to my response to your response to mine etc...Bubba sat me in front of the computer to read it and laid down next to me so that he could be of assistance and has fallen into a deep sleep. I won't be waking him to get him to help me and I'm kind of out of it myself. I will probably give it till the check gets here so that I can print this out and respond then. I just want to let you know that I got your email and that I appreciate the time you took and to let you know that what you did was what I was looking for...i.e...you responded to let me know that you did look at what I'd said and agreed on some points and I expected that you wouldn't agree on all of them and I am fine with all of that...

I did want to respond to a couple of things that I can remember without doing that back and forth thingy.

#1- The lawn mower. We weren't even aware that Livia was using the lawnmower while you were gone. We thought that Mrs. Burgess was dealing with that side of the street and we were doing this side with that lawn mower. When the mower kept stalling out we had two thoughts...one...have Frank Whitehill or Bobby look at it and two...maybe we'll have to put it in the shop. Meanwhile, before we could do either, the grass really needed mowed and we barrowed a lawnmower from a friend of ours. Next thing we know Livia had come after the lawn mower and the neighbor down the street needed it and we thought that one of them took our friends lawn mower when in fact it was stolen. As unfortunately as all of that is...I don't see anyone to blame except for the stealing of the lawn mower and that is of course the responsibility of the thief. The one thing that IS clear is that nothing WAS clear. None of us had ever discussed the lawn mower. We each had our own assumptions. We just were'nt going to bother you with it and to our knowledge we were going to be the only ones inconvenienced with it and we had taken the steps we deemed necessary to do that.

#2-Mark and Frank are not back. Mark comes to visit from time to time. He has an apartment on Martin Luther King Blvd. He was living in Tennessee and going back and forth between there and his parents house in Hartwell. He stayed at Bob Ross' house while doing some work for him and has no plans to live here. Frank Owens has come into town and stayed two or three days as we had talked about in the past because his stuff is here. He comes back and loads up stuff and works on a Tipi repair or two and he's back to Florida or Tennessee.

#3- The hose that used to go back into the Village was removed long ago. There is one hose hooked up in the back of the house and it is hooked up to cold water only.

I will investigate the water issue and get back to you on that but I wanted you to know that there is no hose going back there to have holes in or not to have holes in to be left on. If the hose is being used in the back to wash out trash cans or compost bucket etc...there is absolutely no water pressure in the house and is quickly noticed.

Those are just a couple of things I thought I could clear up that seemed to be current business items. The rest can wait. I would like to thank you again for taking the time to dredge through it all. I still have the print outs of the other stuff that I still need to respond to but I'm seeing that one by one each issue is getting some closure and that I'll be able to cross off alot of what I felt was left unresolved instead of having that left to address. We'll certainly have record of alot of territory covered on paper. It's like someone happened to be standing in a room with his tape recorder on when a heated discussion erupted and everything that needed to be resolved was resolved in one sitting and all on record...it's a little different in this situation because there wasn't anyone who happened to be standing anywhere with his tape recorder on and all of this stuff is taking tons of hours but the result is going to be kind of the same...

Also...thank you much on the printer, print shop, and copier deal. We could get our act together in a big way with the right equipment hanging around. I bet the quality of our communication improves immensely with the new additions.

Will talk more soon...Lynne

Now I will make my first attempt at sending email without the assistance of Bubba..before I sign off...Happy Fathers Day...Nick...

Here goes...If you get this...I did it!