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I need to build a storage shed so we can get all our stuff out of the storage unit and stop spending $100/month on it living room, hallways, and attic.

Here are some tentative plans I drew up on 2008-03-06:

It's ambitious (2 floors, each 13 ft2 minus stairs), but I figure anything less would get hopelessly full before we even finished loading it.


Another option would be just to have someone with experience and tools build something...

  • RDUSHEDS Specials -- local company; delivery and construction included (but not painting)
    • 12x12 with window, ramp, overhang: $1975 $2450
  • Cedarshed Industries: not local; must be assembled
  • Living Outfitters: not local (apparently in California); more variety, but must be assembled, and shipping not included