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Saturday, December 12, 2009 (#346)
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The Home people didn't call yesterday; they were supposedly going to take Josh this weekend. I might have called them if I had been able to find their number before it was late (I did finally). Now stressing about whether I should call them. Have to go out to the Farmers' Market in 15 minutes, though. ...and Josh has now commenced Hovering.

20:37 reposting

(times not known; these got posted to the wrong place initially)

Josh got all dressed and put on his shoes and everything, so I tried to take him with me to the Farmers' Market (Z offered to help corral him) -- but when we were there, Josh wouldn't stop when I needed to wait in line, and wouldn't turn around at the end of the pavilion... so I guided him back around to the car in a big loop, and counted myself lucky that he didn't try to head off towards downtown.

...and then he refused to get out of the car, so we switched cars and I left Sandy here to watch him. He's still out there in the car.

I called the Home people, but nobody answered; left a voicemail. Getting discouraged about them.

He started wandering into the road, so I went out and managed to wrestle him inside (getting better at that...). Now we can give him his birthday presents (he is 17 today).

PANTING Took Josh for a walk... he tried to get away a few times, but I contained him... then he fought very intensely getting back into the house; it took Sandy holding the door open and me doing a grab-and-controlled-fall into the doorway to get him inside. ... The Home people are busy this weekend, but there is good news...

...which is that they would like to take him next Friday and (hopefully) keep him until *Wednesday*. We have set up a drop-off time, so no further phoning needed. Smallyay. Josh leaning in office making crying sounds now. Happy birthday, Josh; I'm done.

He hasn't been fussing so much for the last few hours, but he's still wearing his coat and hat. He'll probably sleep in them, if I know my Joshes.