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Wednesday, November 11, 2009 (#315)
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The home we were looking at in Durham has backed out; they've decided they want to go into adult care. No other info. Our contact person has another possible home (this time in Pittsboro), she's calling them right now, and probably by the end of the day we'll have an appointment to meet with them.

  • addendum: It turned out later that they had accepted an emergency placement, so it wasn't that they just spontaneously decided to bail out.

We were half-expecting them not to be available anymore because of how long it took for the service to be approved.

For any legislators reading this, two relatively easy improvements to make: (1) it should be possible to obtain authorization *before* lining up a caregiver, and (2) the authorization should be good for 30 days from the time service starts, not from the requested date we hoped the service would start (which was something like 2 days before the authorization actually came through).