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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 (#346)
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Josh was suspended from Jordan for hitting. From Sandy's blog:

They knew that his classroom situation was one that he was not happy with. They were supposed to be doing something about it. i was not expecting that the Thing they were going to choose to do was Mere Crowd Control on him. i am beginning to wonder if i'm going to have to start waving a lawyer at these people because poor Josh is suffering for their incompetence.

Also just got a call from the people who do his afterschool & they've decided that they can't serve his needs right now. If his school situation were one that he was getting his needs met, he wouldn't be having problems in afterschool.

The second point is reinforced by notes I made:

Sarah at aftercare also said they can no longer serve him because he needs one-on-one (though we're thinking that if he showed evidence of being happier with his school situation, they might be willing to let him come back on a trial basis)

How ironic that these events would both happen on his birthday.